Ep. 1-& Bill & Trillium Fort Point Pale Ale

It’s here! The very first episode of the highly anticipated People & Pints & Podcasts series. Well, maybe not highly anticipated. Either way, here we go…

For the inaugural episode I invited my very good friend Bill Lavelle, another student at Boston College. I might not have made this clear in the podcast but Bill and I have known each other for several years. He and I attended Saint Peter’s Prep High School in Jersey City, NJ and we got to know each other through extracurriculars, classes and–as Prep is a commuter school–on our usually adventurous train rides. So perhaps it’s fitting that Bill joins me in this adventure into podcasting, or “quest” as Bill dubbed it.

Bill was gracious enough to carve out some time during his very busy week and especially on the night of his birthday! We also toasted a few friends who happen to share a birthday with Bill, including our very good friend Colleen, who goes to Fordham, and one of my roommates Marcelino.

Bill is a fellow Junior and is studying History and Political Science. He spends the rest of his free time training and completing paperwork for the Army ROTC. As Bill and I were roommates last year I was very much aware of his busy schedule and commitment to serving the ROTC. However, late on February 22, he and I made time to celebrate his birthday over a glass of Fort Point Pale Ale from award winning Trillium Brewing. If I hadn’t made it clear in the podcast, Trillium is a big deal in the craft beer world.  And, so, I trekked into Boston to secure a bottle of their delicious beer.

And it was delicious! Bill and I noticed how once we had cracked open the giant bottle (750 ml) the scent wafted through the air and tempted us to preemptively enjoy our beverages. But we waited and had our first taste on the podcast. For the next few minutes we deliberated how to review the beer in understandable language settling on descriptors like: lingering, spring, blue jay, fox, professorial and others! We had a few laughs and thoroughly enjoyed Fort Point Pale Ale.


For the remainder of the podcast Bill went on to describe the kind of work he would normally perform for ROTC and we discussed movies and television shows. I made a few predictions for the Oscars and Bill suggested a few movies that I should watch, including Dazed and Confused. We didn’t necessarily have any groundbreaking or deeply profound conversations but we did get a chance to catch up and enjoy a few worthwhile laughs.

This first episode of People & Pints & Podcasts was certainly a test run as we attempted to discern the direction of our show. It was certainly a bit silly and nonsensical but we really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to future laughs. People & Pints & Podcasts will have a new episode every week, hopefully with Bill joining as frequently as possible as a recurring guest or a co-host.

If anyone has comments, suggestions or wants to be a part of the podcast please let us know! We hope you enjoyed this episode and will share it with others who might enjoy it too!

Special thanks to Tyler Coyne and Starving of Thirst for allowing us to use their song “Sleeveless Shirts” as our intro and outro song.



People & Pints & Podcasts

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since my last post but People & Pints is starting up again. However, at the recommendation of my friend Brandyn, I will be launching a companion podcast for People & Pints aptly titled People & Pints & Podcasts. Every week I’ll have a guest or two on the show and we’ll sample some beer, review it in language everyone can understand and then just chat! Essentially my point in launching this podcast is to translate the friendly, intimate, fun conversations I experienced over a glass of craft beer in Amsterdam into my life back in the United States at Boston College. I also want to demonstrate the accessibility of craft beer, something looked over by most college students. Lastly, craft beer is really about the people. Often the breweries are comprised of a small staff who are proud of their production and more than happy to share in the conversation of craft beer with their customers.

Because I am recording this podcast in Boston and this city–and the surrounding New England area–has a wealth of craft beer options, I will mostly stick to local libations. But if I change the recording location to New Jersey (my home state) or DC or even somewhere out west on a trip, I will change the beer accordingly.

This podcast, though, is less so specifically about the beer and more about the fruitful conversation it can facilitate. Sure, you don’t need a glass of a delicious Pale Ale or a warming Stout, but it helps. That being said, you don’t need to know anything about craft beer to be a part of or listen to this podcast. As a college student there are still plenty of things I don’t know about the industry and I am certainly not an expert. I just enjoy the taste and the personal stories behind craft beer.

I recorded the first episode with my good friend Bill Lavelle on his birthday, February 22, 2016 and the podcast will most likely be available to listen to within the week (ideally by February 29). Bill will potentially be a frequent guest/possible co-host depending on his schedule so we can get even broader and more engaging conversations with guests. The first episode was really our first go at podcasting and we really enjoyed the process. It’s rambling, it’s strange, it’s silly but it was a lot of fun. Certainly we will have to improve our microphone etiquette and I apologize in advance if the audio is less than ideal. Again, we’re still learning about all of this.

I hope to make People & Pints & Podcasts available on iTunes but it will take a few weeks so I will announce once the podcast is open for download. Until then, look out for weekly blog posts with the podcast embedded in the post and I’ll try to find more ways for you to listen to the show. IMG_3970.jpg

If at any point someone feels interested in being a guest please let me know; I’m more than happy to have anyone within reach on the show. Even more importantly, please send in comments or suggestions as we move forward. Again, we’re very very new at this so input is certainly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming first episode and tune in to future installments of the show! Enjoy!