Ep. 6-& Rosa & Downeast Cider Original Blend

Hey all and welcome to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. I was joined by my wonderful girlfriend Rosa Cuppari, as we were both in New Jersey for Easter weekend. Rosa is a Junior at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. studying Science, Technology and International Affairs (try saying that five times fast). We have been dating for nearly four years and I am certainly a lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Rosa. I am very proud of many of Rosa’s accomplishments, though something I’m not particularly proud of is her relative dislike of beer.

I’m kidding! Though I have admitted to being on a never-ending quest to find a craft beer that Rosa will enjoy. In order to accommodate Rosa on the show, then, I decided to make the switch to craft cider, a close relative of craft beer.  We had a really nice time recording the episode and we may have inaugurated a new segment for the show: Sippin’ Cider with Rosa Cuppari. In any event, we enjoyed the beverage and, as always, I had a lovely time chatting with Rosa. 10551709_10205438956958937_6701215394108775159_o

For this episode, I chose Downeast Cider’s Original Blend. Downeast Cider is located in Charlestown, MA, which is right outside of Boston. Downeast has a huge hold of the cider market in New England and can be found as north as Maine and as south as D.C. After a sip we both agreed that the cider was delicious and I was happy I had made a positive choice. We described Downeast Cider as “chill,” “nautical,” “spring-y” and Rosa said it would pair well with “gourmet grilled cheese.”

After we described the cider in layman’s terms, we broached a familiar topic on People & Pints & Podcasts: study abroad. Rosa spent her fall semester in Amman, Jordan and loved her experience. We chatted about the interactions between locals and the immigrant/ex-pat communities, as well as local cuisine and how Rosa has described her experience to others. Rosa also touches on her current internship with American Enterprise Institute.

This special, couples-friendly episode of P&P&P may have been a little crazy and very silly but we had a lot of fun. Rosa’s attempt to derail the show may have just increased the humor (I hope) and I was thrilled to have her join me on my latest passion-project. Here’s hoping Rosa will come back to join!

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Ep. 5-& Bill & Night Shift Belafonte Saison

Hey everyone and welcome to a special midweek episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. I was joined on the show by Bill Lavelle, who was on our very first episode, as we chatted about our experience at Night Shift Brewing for its four year anniversary party! We also enjoyed a glass of Night Shift’s Belafonte Saison, which was delicious. So listen up and read on to learn about our trip to Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA.

One of the first things we noticed upon arrival was the line. We hadn’t expected such an incredible turn-out but it only meant that we had to wait for something great. And it was great! After only about 20-30 minutes, we entered to find a gorgeous taproom filled with a variety of people. Bill had said that “we were the odd ones out” and in some ways that’s probably true. Most of the people there were “regulars,” as I said, or at least gave off the impression as such. However, we entered with wide eyes and eager bellies, excited to sample anything we could get our hands on.IMG_3994

By the end of our evening we had had at least a sip of nearly everything they were offering. Bill mentioned that some of his favorite beers were Furth, Awake and Morph. I enjoyed all of the beer but one that stuck out to me was Legion, the final beer I sampled. We also enjoyed food from Bonetown Burgers and Munch Mobile Kitchen. By the end of the evening, Bill and I walked away very satisfied and with Night Shift t-shirts in hand.

After spending an afternoon “penned in  like farm animals” in the sunny parking lot of Night Shift, Bill and I got a sense of the foundational, community atmosphere present in the Night Shift taproom. As young professionals and older couples mingled, with children happily enjoying ice cream or a game of Connect Four, it was clear that Night Shift facilitated a sense of community. I personally, and I think Bill agreed, really enjoyed this personal facet of the brewery.

IMG_3995IMG_3996We also embarked on a brief tour of the brewing facility, examining the new improvements to the brewing process. As mentioned on the podcast, my biggest take away was “expansion;” it seemed that Night Shift is expanding its reach on the New England market and making its beer known. We also were told the origin story for the brewery and the meaning of the name Night Shift, which comes from the founders’ late night home-brewing.


We ultimately didn’t give a definitive rating to Belafonte, but I said in the wrap-up that I would rate it 8.5 out of 10. Bill noted the “summer-y” aspects highlighting the strong notes of orange. I called it “punchy” and would be more than happy to pay $15 dollars for a 750 ml bottle.


Janine from Night Shift was gracious enough to respond to my email and informed me about some upcoming releases for Night shift:

  • “Barrel’d Sun – the second release in our new collaboration series, Barrel’d Sun was brewed with our friends from Florida’s 7venth Sun Brewery. It’s a mixed fermentation saison that was aged in white wine barrels with lemon and lime zest. Sips citrusy, pretty, and bright and will be released on draft and in bottles on Sunday, April 10th at noon.
  • Year 4 DIPA will hopefully be released next week. If you’ve seen any of our social media posts, then you may already know that it hadn’t quite met our standards to be released on time for the Year 4 Party. Tons of hops in this brew, featuring Galaxy, Motueka, Idaho 7, and El Dorado hops.
  • One Hop This Time (OHTT) – our rotating single-hopped series will see another iteration in a couple of weeks, this time featuring Vic Secret hops. There will be another version following closely after that will feature Citra hops and will be the first batch of this series to hit 16oz cans.
  • Pfaffenheck, our German-style pilsner, is also slated to hit cans by the end of April.”

Also, the brewery will be hosting a birthday party for both The Galley Ice Cream and Bonetown Burgers.

Thanks for listening to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. Please check back for more brewery news, beer reviews and something else that rhymes with “ewes.” As always comments are always appreciated and if you enjoyed the podcast share it with others! Find us on iTunes and rate/review the show!

Ep. 4-& Lindsey & Idle Hands Croupier Saison

For the fourth edition of People & Pints & Podcasts I was lucky enough to be joined by the always lovely, always bubbly Lindsey Chou. Lindsey and I have been friends for a year or so and our friendship consists of obscure references, weird jokes and lots of laughs. Lindsey also happens to date my roommate, and former guest of the show, Caz. Maybe one day I’ll have an episode with both of them, but for this recording I just chatted with Lindsey.

I tend to tease Lindsey about the “patriarchy,” which is why I included it in her introduction, but we have spent time discussing gender issues before. When not talking about gender issues, we fill our conversations with references to New Girl, Star Wars and YouTube videos. In the podcast we mention a strange Veggie Tales song and a Bad Lip Reading video. Clearly we have a weird friendship…

IMG_3997 (2)

But a strong one! And I was happy Lindsey was willing to chat about craft beer for a little bit. We shared a bottle of Croupier from Idle Hands Brewing, which will be moving to Malden, MA. The Croupier is a Honey Saison “brewed w/ lemon zest,” and the citrus, spring flavors were very noticeable and very delicious. I described the beer as “rustic” at one point, a reference to the history of Saisons or “Farmhouse Ales.” Also, Lindsey found that the “spirit person” of Croupier was Sandra Bullock: strong, self-assured and “pretty.” Strangely enough, I thought of the character Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, don’t question it. I was thrilled that Lindsey dubbed Croupier as “her new favorite beer” and I too plan to return to this delicious product of Idle Hands Brewing.

I then asked Lindsey to elaborate on her time studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Lindsey shared her experiences on the thin roads of Andalucía, dancing with her host-mother and adapting to life back in Boston.


We shared plenty of silly laughs facilitated by a delicious beer and we hope you enjoyed the episode! Please subscribe to and review the show on iTunes. As always, questions, comments and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for listening!

Ep. 3-& Brandyn & Climax Golden Ale

This past week I returned to my home in Cranford, NJ for Spring Break and was lucky enough to record the third episode of People & Pints & Podcasts with my wonderful friend Brandyn Pantano, better known as Tater Tot.

As mentioned in the episode, Tater Tot is from Kennilworth, NJ, a few minutes away from Cranford, and we met in our Youth Ministry program. We bonded over our love of comic books, movies and random pop-culture things. But lately we’ve collaborated and talked about our creative pursuits in writing, blogging and, now, podcasting. Brandyn was actually the one who helped me flesh out my ideas for this podcast after returning from Amsterdam. I remember distinctly walking through on the High Line in Chelsea, Manhattan and breaking down the structure of how the People & Pints & Podcasts show might work.

So, it seems fitting that Tater Tot should be a guest early on in the infancy of People & Pints & Podcasts. We enjoyed a glass of Golden Ale from Climax Brewing Co. out of Roselle Park. It was a really nice, light, smooth beer that we both enjoyed. During the episode we couldn’t find the ABV but I later found out it is 5.5%. Appropriately, we tried to discern what superpowers this Golden Ale would have. Brandyn offered mind-reading, because it’s a beer that will reveal what is on one’s mind. I decided it had the power of invisibility because it’s power is hidden.

After a brief conversation about the beer we delved into Brandyn’s new novel, Forever Roman. He explains his novel in more detail but it describes an immortal Roman as he is tasked with leading a NASA space mission. Brandyn has been refining his writing style over the last few years and I think one of his true strengths is in character creation. His characters seem real and relatable, even in the most unbelievable examples (AIs, robots, etc.). Forever Roman is a great read and I would certainly suggest purchasing a copy.

Our in-depth look at Forever Roman was followed by a nerd-out over the upcoming superhero films Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. Brandyn revealed his excitement for BvS has faded. I’m still hoping that Batman v. Superman will surprise us. Either way, Captain America: Civil War still looks excellent, as does Suicide Squad.


I had a great time recording this episode and it gave us a great chance to catch up! We talked for awhile before recording and then for an hour or so afterwards, which was really nice! Brandyn chatted about some upcoming projects and I discussed my hopes for the future of this podcast. We hope you enjoy this nerdy edition of People & Pints & Podcasts and reach out to either of us with comments, questions or suggestions!

You can find Tater Tot here and here and follow him on twitter here.

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Ep. 2-& Caz & Night Shift Fürth Hefeweizen

People & Pints & Podcasts 2: Electric Boogaloo. For the second episode of the podcast I went the easy route and invited my roommate, and very good friend, Caz Novak to join me. Ultimately, I think it was an excellent decision and we had a great time chatting and sampling some delicious beer. We were a little nervous but I think we found a rhythm and had a really fun conversation.

Caz is a fellow Junior at Boston College from St. Cloud, Minnesota. He and I met through our great friend Danny Pimpinelli, who is studying in Australia currently. Caz is a fantastic friend, whom I was thrilled to have on the podcast.

Caz is a German major (as well as International Studies) and he studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany so I fittingly picked out Fürth, a German style Hefeweizen from Night Shift Brewing, for the episode.  Fürth is named after the eponymous city in Bavaria and proved to be a delicious choice with lots of flavor. I dubbed it a “party” of flavors while Caz was reminded of an umbrella (he later admitted he meant a parachute but umbrella works too). The beer reminded Caz of fuchsia and “me, yellow.” By the end we gave the beer some high marks and agreed we’d both go for a second!

Aside from the beer, Caz and I chatted about his Spring Break plans which are comprised of a service trip to Virginia as a part of the Appalachia immersion program facilitated by Boston College. We also reminisced about time abroad and described our visits to each other’s respective host city (my visit to Heidelberg is documented here).


I had mentioned last time that Bill would be joining me as frequently as possible but he is very busy over the course of the next few weeks so he might be unavailable for the upcoming episodes. Still, he will join when he can and, who knows, maybe Caz will come back as well! Look out for Episode 3 in a week and we hope you enjoyed our conversation!

As always big shoutout to Tyler Coyne and Starving of Thirst for the intro/outro music (their mash-up of Shut Up and Take Me Home Tonight can be found here).