Ep. 2-& Caz & Night Shift Fürth Hefeweizen

People & Pints & Podcasts 2: Electric Boogaloo. For the second episode of the podcast I went the easy route and invited my roommate, and very good friend, Caz Novak to join me. Ultimately, I think it was an excellent decision and we had a great time chatting and sampling some delicious beer. We were a little nervous but I think we found a rhythm and had a really fun conversation.

Caz is a fellow Junior at Boston College from St. Cloud, Minnesota. He and I met through our great friend Danny Pimpinelli, who is studying in Australia currently. Caz is a fantastic friend, whom I was thrilled to have on the podcast.

Caz is a German major (as well as International Studies) and he studied abroad in Heidelberg, Germany so I fittingly picked out Fürth, a German style Hefeweizen from Night Shift Brewing, for the episode.  Fürth is named after the eponymous city in Bavaria and proved to be a delicious choice with lots of flavor. I dubbed it a “party” of flavors while Caz was reminded of an umbrella (he later admitted he meant a parachute but umbrella works too). The beer reminded Caz of fuchsia and “me, yellow.” By the end we gave the beer some high marks and agreed we’d both go for a second!

Aside from the beer, Caz and I chatted about his Spring Break plans which are comprised of a service trip to Virginia as a part of the Appalachia immersion program facilitated by Boston College. We also reminisced about time abroad and described our visits to each other’s respective host city (my visit to Heidelberg is documented here).


I had mentioned last time that Bill would be joining me as frequently as possible but he is very busy over the course of the next few weeks so he might be unavailable for the upcoming episodes. Still, he will join when he can and, who knows, maybe Caz will come back as well! Look out for Episode 3 in a week and we hope you enjoyed our conversation!

As always big shoutout to Tyler Coyne and Starving of Thirst for the intro/outro music (their mash-up of Shut Up and Take Me Home Tonight can be found here).



6 thoughts on “Ep. 2-& Caz & Night Shift Fürth Hefeweizen

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