Ep. 5-& Bill & Night Shift Belafonte Saison

Hey everyone and welcome to a special midweek episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. I was joined on the show by Bill Lavelle, who was on our very first episode, as we chatted about our experience at Night Shift Brewing for its four year anniversary party! We also enjoyed a glass of Night Shift’s Belafonte Saison, which was delicious. So listen up and read on to learn about our trip to Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA.

One of the first things we noticed upon arrival was the line. We hadn’t expected such an incredible turn-out but it only meant that we had to wait for something great. And it was great! After only about 20-30 minutes, we entered to find a gorgeous taproom filled with a variety of people. Bill had said that “we were the odd ones out” and in some ways that’s probably true. Most of the people there were “regulars,” as I said, or at least gave off the impression as such. However, we entered with wide eyes and eager bellies, excited to sample anything we could get our hands on.IMG_3994

By the end of our evening we had had at least a sip of nearly everything they were offering. Bill mentioned that some of his favorite beers were Furth, Awake and Morph. I enjoyed all of the beer but one that stuck out to me was Legion, the final beer I sampled. We also enjoyed food from Bonetown Burgers and Munch Mobile Kitchen. By the end of the evening, Bill and I walked away very satisfied and with Night Shift t-shirts in hand.

After spending an afternoon “penned in  like farm animals” in the sunny parking lot of Night Shift, Bill and I got a sense of the foundational, community atmosphere present in the Night Shift taproom. As young professionals and older couples mingled, with children happily enjoying ice cream or a game of Connect Four, it was clear that Night Shift facilitated a sense of community. I personally, and I think Bill agreed, really enjoyed this personal facet of the brewery.

IMG_3995IMG_3996We also embarked on a brief tour of the brewing facility, examining the new improvements to the brewing process. As mentioned on the podcast, my biggest take away was “expansion;” it seemed that Night Shift is expanding its reach on the New England market and making its beer known. We also were told the origin story for the brewery and the meaning of the name Night Shift, which comes from the founders’ late night home-brewing.


We ultimately didn’t give a definitive rating to Belafonte, but I said in the wrap-up that I would rate it 8.5 out of 10. Bill noted the “summer-y” aspects highlighting the strong notes of orange. I called it “punchy” and would be more than happy to pay $15 dollars for a 750 ml bottle.


Janine from Night Shift was gracious enough to respond to my email and informed me about some upcoming releases for Night shift:

  • “Barrel’d Sun – the second release in our new collaboration series, Barrel’d Sun was brewed with our friends from Florida’s 7venth Sun Brewery. It’s a mixed fermentation saison that was aged in white wine barrels with lemon and lime zest. Sips citrusy, pretty, and bright and will be released on draft and in bottles on Sunday, April 10th at noon.
  • Year 4 DIPA will hopefully be released next week. If you’ve seen any of our social media posts, then you may already know that it hadn’t quite met our standards to be released on time for the Year 4 Party. Tons of hops in this brew, featuring Galaxy, Motueka, Idaho 7, and El Dorado hops.
  • One Hop This Time (OHTT) – our rotating single-hopped series will see another iteration in a couple of weeks, this time featuring Vic Secret hops. There will be another version following closely after that will feature Citra hops and will be the first batch of this series to hit 16oz cans.
  • Pfaffenheck, our German-style pilsner, is also slated to hit cans by the end of April.”

Also, the brewery will be hosting a birthday party for both The Galley Ice Cream and Bonetown Burgers.

Thanks for listening to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. Please check back for more brewery news, beer reviews and something else that rhymes with “ewes.” As always comments are always appreciated and if you enjoyed the podcast share it with others! Find us on iTunes and rate/review the show!


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