Ep. 6-& Rosa & Downeast Cider Original Blend

Hey all and welcome to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. I was joined by my wonderful girlfriend Rosa Cuppari, as we were both in New Jersey for Easter weekend. Rosa is a Junior at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. studying Science, Technology and International Affairs (try saying that five times fast). We have been dating for nearly four years and I am certainly a lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Rosa. I am very proud of many of Rosa’s accomplishments, though something I’m not particularly proud of is her relative dislike of beer.

I’m kidding! Though I have admitted to being on a never-ending quest to find a craft beer that Rosa will enjoy. In order to accommodate Rosa on the show, then, I decided to make the switch to craft cider, a close relative of craft beer.  We had a really nice time recording the episode and we may have inaugurated a new segment for the show: Sippin’ Cider with Rosa Cuppari. In any event, we enjoyed the beverage and, as always, I had a lovely time chatting with Rosa. 10551709_10205438956958937_6701215394108775159_o

For this episode, I chose Downeast Cider’s Original Blend. Downeast Cider is located in Charlestown, MA, which is right outside of Boston. Downeast has a huge hold of the cider market in New England and can be found as north as Maine and as south as D.C. After a sip we both agreed that the cider was delicious and I was happy I had made a positive choice. We described Downeast Cider as “chill,” “nautical,” “spring-y” and Rosa said it would pair well with “gourmet grilled cheese.”

After we described the cider in layman’s terms, we broached a familiar topic on People & Pints & Podcasts: study abroad. Rosa spent her fall semester in Amman, Jordan and loved her experience. We chatted about the interactions between locals and the immigrant/ex-pat communities, as well as local cuisine and how Rosa has described her experience to others. Rosa also touches on her current internship with American Enterprise Institute.

This special, couples-friendly episode of P&P&P may have been a little crazy and very silly but we had a lot of fun. Rosa’s attempt to derail the show may have just increased the humor (I hope) and I was thrilled to have her join me on my latest passion-project. Here’s hoping Rosa will come back to join!

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If you have any suggestions for beer Rosa would enjoy or any general comments/questions you can find me on Twitter or email me at paradisoj622@gmail.com. Enjoy!


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