Ep. 9-& Liz & Jared & Bone Up Brewing Co.

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s People & Pints & Podcasts episode! I was joined by husband and wife team, Jared and Liz Kiraly, of Bone Up Brewing Co. I had a little trouble finding an appropriate title for this episode; generally, I list my guests and the name of the beer we drink. However, Jared and Liz very generously shared beers that they had brewed for each other for their wedding reception. Liz brewed an English Pale Ale for Jared and Jared brewed a Double IPA for Liz. We get into more of the details of the beer on the podcast but they are never given names. So, I decided just leaving Bone Up Brewing Co. in the title would give you a sense of what we drank. Liz and Jared’s respective beers are not slated for larger scale production but the same quality, character and love will undoubtably be featured in their upcoming beers.

As mentioned on the show (and linked above), I had written a brief profile of Bone Up last week and we covered some of the things I had mentioned in my write-up. Still, we went more in depth in the process of selecting a home for Bone Up, their respective craft beer careers and the look and feel of the brewery.

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Liz and Jared had brought out some cheese and crackers to balance out the delicious beer as we sampled their productions for the show. First, we drank the English Pale Ale which was dry-hopped with New Zealand hops and was a bit more sessionable at around 5% ABV. We approached Liz’s creation with the usual unpretentious review process of the show including the questions: what is a one word description, would you be best friends with this beer and what is this beer’s spirit animal? Ultimately, we got the sense that this beer was very approachable, friendly and comfortable. Afterwards we tasted Jared’s creation, which was a DIPA brewed with blackberries and hibiscus. I was very intrigued by this combination and the color certainly leaned more toward Jared’s description of the beer, “fruit punch.”Again, we picked a one word description of the beer and also decided where the ideal drinking location would be and for whom we would order the beer. You can listen for our in-depth answers but this complex, fruity DIPA was deemed most appropriate for a warm summer day.

FullSizeRender (5)


After drinking the beer, paired with some delicious cheese, we continued chatting about Bone Up’s vision and its place in the craft beer community. Again, Liz and Jared confirmed that they feel Bone Up will be unique enough to cohabit the booming craft beer market in Boston and certainly hope to be a “destination brewery.” Their model, though it will include a few flagships and standards, will feature rotating, potentially single-release beers, which we all surmised would be a good way to draw in a crowd. To make the space even more comforting, Jared and Liz hope to bring some board games, books and hopefully even a couch.

Looking to the future, we agreed that having a food truck and possibly a cafe within the same building would make Bone Up feel even more like home. We also briefly talked about Bone Up’s neighbors Night Shift Brewing and Short Path Distillery.

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Jared and Liz shared that they hope to be up and running in the next couple months. The earliest they could have beer available would potentially be June but they still have a few things to wait on. Liz and Jared certainly aren’t waiting around and will be ready to brew once they are able to.

I could have talked with Liz and Jared for much longer but it was getting late and the episode had already exceeded the show’s normal running time (a very good thing, I hope!). To wrap up, we chatted about a mutual appreciation for metal music and swapped some good bands. Jared and Liz checked out August Burns Red while I found a love for The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. We also shared laughs over two excellent shows, Bob’s Burgers and Archer.

Liz and Jared were delightful and very welcoming hosts. I, personally, am very excited for Bone Up Brewing Co. and look forward to its success. Recording this podcast episode served as another reminder of the friendly nature of the Boston craft beer community and I certainly left feeling like I had made friends and certainly had gotten to know some awesome people.

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Usually, I’ve ended each episode with a rating for their beer that I share with my guest; but, because my guests had brewed the beer, they abstained from a rating. So I gave an 8 or 9 out of 10 to both beers. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to offend my hosts but I had no reason to worry because they had both brewed genuinely delicious beer!


We hope you enjoyed the show! Keep up with Bone Up’s progress at their website here. Follow People & Pints on Twitter and Instagram and email in with any questions, tips or suggestions at peopleandpints@gmail.com


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