Ep. 10-& Ryan & Bent Water Pearl Wheat Ale

Hey everyone and welcome to the 10th (!) episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! I was joined by my very good friend, and fellow Boston College student, Ryan Saunders. Ryan is a senior at BC from Cape Cod and has been very supportive of the show. He asked to do a show where “we can talk about beer and bikes” and I was more than happy to oblige. The beer we sampled was Bent Water Brewing Co.’s Pearl, a wheat ale. Ryan had suggested finding something similar to Allagash’s White, a witbier, so, at the recommendation of some of the employees at Craft Beer Cellar Fenway, I went with Pearl. Listen in as we talk about life at Boston College, biking in Boston and of course beer.

Ryan and I met as leaders in Cura, a faith-based organization that facilitates reflective conversation on campus. We talked about how Cura functions at BC though we could’ve talked much more about the benefits of meaningful conversation and honest sharing (hey, that sounds like this podcast!). We then transitioned into the beer.

FullSizeRender (6)

Pearl, though certainly distinct from Allagash White, was good and we enjoyed it a lot. We both agreed that it could be described as light and natural (don’t reverse the order of those words, couldn’t be farther from that). Then, Ryan suggested that the ideal drinking location would be after a bike ride in the summer. I agreed but offered that Pearl would be best enjoyed around a campfire. Lastly, Ryan somehow decided that the best food pairing would be a big chocolate chip cookie. Hey, I’m not going to disagree. However, my stomach was drawn to chicken tenders.

After our silly review we switched to a conversation about Bike BC, a biking club here at Boston College. Ryan is co-president of the organization and has really been pushing for a stronger bike presence at Boston College. He, and the other members, organize group rides and facilitate meetings about equipment care and safety. One of their biggest plans has been starting a bike sharing program, which they will be rolling out in a pilot test this spring. In the fall Bike BC hopes to have the program fully functional.

We also talked about the ease and comfort of having a bike in such an accessible city as Boston. I compared it to my experience in Amsterdam, where I biked nearly everywhere. We both lamented the current state of biking infrastructure of Boston but looked hopefully toward the future. Implementing more programs like Bike BC, advocating the recreation and convenience of biking, and incorporating more distinct biking lanes in the city would certainly make it easier to bike through Boston.

Ryan and I enjoyed our chat and loved talking about biking and beers. We ultimately returned to Pearl for a rating out of ten: I gave it a 7.5/10 while Ryan suggested an 8/10. Ryan joked after the podcast that he wasn’t qualified to be rating any craft beers and I laughingly agreed but also offered that its just useful to get a sense, for yourself, how you enjoy a beer. We certainly aren’t experts but reviewing the beer on our own is a good way to know what we like!


We hope you enjoyed this extra-special 10th episode and, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the show on iTunes! For more info on Bike BC like them on Facebook here. Follow People & Pints & Podcasts on Twitter and Instagram @peopleandpints.


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