Ep. 11-& Caz & Artifact Cider Project Roxbury

Hey everyone and welcome to another week of People & Pints & Podcasts! My roommate and wonderful friend Caz joined me for another episode of the podcast (first one found here). I spent my weekend visiting Rosa down in DC, so I decided to record an episode before leaving. Caz claimed I was using him as a back-up, he may have been right…But in all honesty we had a great chat and really enjoyed our drink: Roxbury cider from Artifact Cider Projects.

Caz and I recorded the podcast very late on Wednesday, April 27, so we were very sleepy. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to try the highly recommended Roxbury cider and glad to share it with Caz. I had picked up the cider from Craft Beer Cellar Fenway (as usual), while at a tasting for Bent Water Brewing Co. I spent a good amount of time chatting with Ryan, Bent Water’s sales rep, about the history and plans for Bent Water. He highly recommended that I make the trek out to Lynn so I might have to. I also let him know that we had recorded an episode sampling Pearl from Bent Water and he seemed interested. It was certainly a good outing and I really enjoyed the conversation.

On the day of recording I decided to go visit Tom, the owner of Boston Homebrew Supply, to chat about craft beer in Boston and to learn about the process of homebrewing. I’m hoping to make my first foray into homebrewing with one of my roommates soon, so getting a peak at all of the ingredients and recipes available was very useful. Tom was very helpful and gave some great tips. We also spent some time talking about the potential craft beer bubble in Massachusetts. It was a great trip and we are hoping to schedule some time to record a podcast episode together.

FullSizeRender (7)

Caz and I really enjoyed Roxbury cider and had some fun with the review process. We dubbed this the second installment of Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari (named after the aforementioned Rosa). Initially, Caz described it as “pumpernickel” (a strange one), though he changed it to the more appropriate “crisp.” I suggested that it was a “refreshing” drink. Then, we both agreed that we would order Roxbury for Rosa or “anyone who isn’t a big craft beer fan.” Roxbury definitely has the character and flavor of a craft beer but might be a little more approachable. Lastly, we thought that we could both go through somewhere between 3-5 glasses of Roxbury.

After the cider talk, Caz and I took the opportunity to reflect on the semester. This episode came at the opposite end of our last episode which was a nice point to consider the change in between. We talked about growing more comfortable with life back at Boston College after studying abroad in Europe. I also said how much I enjoyed spending quality time with a small group of good friends, like Caz. We also looked forward to our fall semester, when we will have a great space for grilling and lounging outside. I teased that I might be able to brew some beer for us, so we’ll have to see how my first batch goes!

Finally, we returned to Roxbury for a rating. Caz gave it a 9.17/10 while I rounded down to a 9. We both agreed it was delicious and highly recommend it to anyone interested in cider. It certainly does not have any of the puckering sweetness sometimes found in cider and was perfectly crisp and refreshing. I’m sure Caz will be joining me again soon so if you enjoyed the episode, please let us know! Also, to get all of the episodes in one place, subscribe to the show on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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