Ep. 12-& Tom & Boston Homebrew Supply

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. It took two tries to actually finish this episode, so I apologize for the delay in posting. We ran into some technical issues the first time so I returned to Boston Homebrew Supply in Brookline to record again with Tom. Tom owns and operates the homebrewing store and we chatted about the local craft beer community and Tom’s process of brewing beer. We also drank some of Tom’s beer, which was delicious!


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Tom’s beer was a berliner weisse, which is typically a sour, tart style of German beer. We had had this beer on the first try of recording and it was still very tasty. We didn’t repeat our fun review process but did try to describe the beer. We agreed that it was very refreshing and crisp, best enjoyed outside with friends on the beach. Tom then described his beer for me saying he might call it a “sour cream ale.” It was very tasty and I certainly didn’t mind trying his beer again. He also had me try it with a fruit syrup, which is sometimes added for German drinkers who don’t traditionally enjoy the sour flavor of the beer. I preferred it without the syrup but still enjoyed it.

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Tom explained his own history with craft beer, saying that he had first experienced craft with Sam Adams’ Oktoberfest. He continued to try different beers, preferring big IPAs at first but still sampling different styles. He tried homebrewing in college and continued to pull on the thread of craft beer. He then described his most recent beers that he’s brewed: a split batch of a Belgian witbier and a Saison.

We then chatted about the “point” of homebrewing and Tom shared some great points about just focusing on the brewing process and not necessarily aiming toward opening a brewery. I was referencing a great blog post from the Beer Simple site that suggested that home brewers shouldn’t necessarily plan to open a brewery simply because they brew good beer. Tom shared similar sentiments and seems content just letting the beer speak for itself; he just enjoys the brewing process.

I asked Tom if he believed that there is a craft beer bubble and he suggested that “there can’t be too many breweries.” Tom elaborated on his optimistic approach and clarified that there will always be demand for beer, quality just needs to follow.

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Tom mentioned a few of his favorite local breweries including Jack’s Abby (featured on the show here) and Notch Brewing. We also denounced the “aleholes” and praised the generally welcoming nature of the craft beer community. Lastly, Tom brought up another passion of his: music. Tom listens to a lot of soul, jazz and rock, citing some of his favorites as Queens of the Stone Age and LCD Soundsystem.

We ultimately gave the berliner wiesse an 8.5/10 with Tom considering it his best attempt at the style. It was definitely delicious and I was honored to try it!


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