Ep. 13-& Rosa & Bantam Cider Wunderkind

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! I’ve finished my semester at Boston College and have returned to New Jersey. I decided to record another episode with my girlfriend Rosa and continue the Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari series (For the other cider episodes click here and here). On this episode we enjoyed Wunderkind from Bantam Cider. We also took some time to chat about homebrewing and play an improv game.

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (13)After last week’s episode with Tom from Boston Homebrew Supply, I decided to try homebrewing with my roommate Adam. Adam has been homebrewing for awhile but it would be my first time. Adam drew up a recipe for a pale ale and we set aside some time to brew our beer. It was a messy but fun process and I’m hoping it’ll turn out well. Our beer is fermenting now but should be able to be bottled in a week and a half. We tried to name our beer so I dubbed it Rest in Pale Ale, because our dorm room is getting knocked down. Adam decided on C-Line Pale Ale because we got our ingredients at Boston Homebrew Supply, which is along the C-Line on the T.


I’m glad I got the experience in because Rosa bought me a homebrewing kit! She got me a kit with a Harvest Pumpkin Ale recipe from Box Brew Kits. I’m really excited to try it out and will let you know when I get into it!

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Bantam Cider is a cider house from Somerville, MA and we tried their Wunderkind style, a bright and crisp traditional cider. Rosa and I both really enjoyed it and had some fun “reviewing” it. Rosa described Wunderkind as “sophisticated” while I said “dry.” Then, we decided on the ideal drinking location. Rosa said while watching a documentary and I said a cocktail party. Finally, Rosa would pair Wunderkind with some appetizers, while I said it could go well with a salad.

To wrap it up we played a couple rounds of “What Am I Thinking?” an improv game that I took from one of my favorite podcasts, Comedy Bang! Bang! The point is for the two participants to think of a word and then say it out loud, working to meet in the middle. If you’re confused, just listen.

We returned to Bantam Cider for a rating, Rosa gave it an 8.75, while I gave it an 8.5. We both really enjoyed it and will probably return to it!


We hope you enjoyed this episode!



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