Ep. 16-& Bill & Bolero Snort Explorabull IPA

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! I apologize for the delay but I’m glad we could have my good friend Bill back on the show. He will be away on a trip for ROTC during the summer so I was happy to have him on the show before he left. Bill and I chose Explorabull IPA from Bolero Snort, a New Jersey craft brewery. We used the usual, fun review process to talk about the beer before moving on to a more laid back conversation!

If you don’t remember Bill you can find his first two appearances here and here! Bill announced that he will be leaving for the summer, going to South Korea via Fort Knox. I’ve known Bill for a long time and was excited to chat with him about his upcoming trip. We also talked about a bon voyage dinner we will be having with a few friends in Little Italy.

FullSizeRender (20)

Our beer talk, as per usual, was definitely fun and enlightening (hopefully). Bill passed on his one word description but I said it could either be “easy” or “woodsy.” We then tried to decide what Explorabull’s spirit animal would be. Bill said “work horse” while I went with a hunting dog. We both agreed it wasn’t a showy beer, but a steady, reliable drink. My final review question was: what is theĀ ideal drinking location? Bill, as we checked in on USA playing Costa Rica in the Copa America, decided it would be best enjoyed while watching a soccer game on a couch with friends. I, alternatively, suggested Explorabull would be best enjoyed in just a standard bar, poured from the tap. Before we wrapped up the beer section, Bill threw two bonus prompts for us: where does Explorabull go to university and what is Boston College’s beer? Both were unexpected and tough to answer. Bill went with UVA for his first prompt while I chose Amherst. Then, I chose Harpoon IPA as BC’s beer and Bill went with Magic Hat #9.

We transitioned away from the beer as Bill described his upcoming trips to Fort Knox and South Korea. He also shared some tough news that his “flight packet” was denied, which meant he can’t be a pilot. Still, Bill seemed upbeat about his trip and definitely for our dinner at Puglia in New York City.


With a not so strong segue, we started talking about the role nostalgia plays in our lives. We are both entering our senior year of university and I have been thinking of something I was told recently. “Don’t graduate…college is the best four years of your life.” This was said partially in jest, but it was still a weird comment to me. The notion of nostalgia, generally, is tough to nail down. It means ” a homecoming” but it isn’t always thought of in that way. Ultimately, Bill and I agreed that learning from the past is good but dwelling in it can be unhealthy.

We returned to the beer toward the end of the episode for a definitive rating. Bill gave it “a hat trick and a penalty kick” aka an 8/10 and I agreed! Explorabull is a solid beer and deserved a solid rating.


We hope you enjoyed our conversation and check back soon for more!


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