Ep. 19-& Homebrewing & Dark City Bond Street Brownie Brown Ale & Newburgh Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse

Hey everyone and welcome to this special, guest-less episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! I decided to try an episode that I had been thinking about for awhile: a homebrew experiment! I am very new to homebrewing but hopefully I was able to give a pretty good description of my process as I brewed! I also, of course, enjoyed some craft beer on the show. If this episode is actually decent I might try recording and brewing with other people. Either way, I hope you enjoy this episode and I’ll be sure to update you all with how my beer turns out!

I’ve mentioned this on previous episodes, but I was given a homebrewing kit from my girlfriend Rosa! Rosa picked up the kit from Box Brew Kits, which comes with all the basics for brewing. It came with a recipe pack for a Pumpkin Ale, but I’m going to hold off on that until the fall. Instead I followed a separate recipe from the Box Brew Kits handbook for “Tropic Thunder Citra IPA.” I picked up my ingredients from love2brew, an awesome homebrew store, in North Brunswick, NJ.


2-Row Brewer’s Malt/Carapils Malt/Carawheat Malt, Citra Hops, Safale US-05 Ale Yeast

The brewing process is pretty straightforward once you have all the ingredients. As I mention in the episode, two of the most important things are temperature control and proper sanitation. I tried to break down the process as I went through each step but feel free to reach out with any questions. As I try to make clear, I am not an expert. BUT I am more than willing to help with anything if I can!

Even though this episode was quite different, I made sure to include a staple: drinking beer. So, I sampled two beers from breweries in the area.


Bond Street Brownie from Dark City Brewing Co.

First, I tried a brown ale from Dark City Brewing Co. called Bond Street Brownie. I usually enjoy brown ales and I did enjoy Bond Street Brownie. I found it a little more bitter than I particularly like, but certainly still worth trying! I described it as Dracula, picking up a little bit of red in the ominous brown/black color of this beer. Moreover, I noticed the bitter bite in this otherwise relatively smooth brown ale. Next, I said that the ideal drinking time is later in the evening, potentially with a dessert! As I said, this isn’t a sweet brown ale so I think it could go well with a sweet dessert. Lastly, I admitted that I think I can only have one of these before switching to something else. Again, not a knock on the beer but I just think I’d need a break from Bond Street Brownie.


Checkpoint Charlie from Newburgh Brewing Co.

Next, I sampled the very citrusy, tart berliner weisse from Newburgh Brewing Co. dubbed Checkpoint Charlie. I really liked this take on the berliner weisse and described it as conflict (apt for its name). I think one might really like this beer (me) or really dislike this beer (my dad). Next, I said the ideal drinking location would definitely be outside and at the beach. This refreshing, tart beer is perfect for a muggy, hot day. Lastly, compared to the Bond Street Brownie, I said I could have five or six Checkpoint Charlie’s in one sitting.

I’ll put a series of pictures below and please listen to the episode to see how I try brewing!


The Mash


First round of hops


The boil


Ice bath!!


My beer!


Hope you enjoyed the episode and subscribe on iTunes!


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