Ep. 20-& Nathan & Right Proper Kodachrome Dream(ing) Radler

Hey all, and welcome to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! For this week’s episode, I returned to DC and reconnected with Nathan Zeender, head brewer and co-owner of Right Proper Brewing Co. We shared a beer and talked about his role at Right Proper! Listen in as Nathan and I talk about community, nostalgia and beer!

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Nathan began his career in beer as a journalist and eventually became an “ambitious homebrewer.” With a few other determined partners, he opened the Right Proper brewpub before expanding to his Brookland location: a production facility and tasting room. The tasting room features a food truck each Saturday and a friendly, knowledgeable staff pouring delicious Right Proper beer.

Nathan and I walked into the back area and sat at his “desk,” a foldable table with papers and tools littered about. We made some space and began our chat. Nathan is an incredibly warm, friendly person and was more than willing to share his story with me.

At one point, I described Right Proper as unique and I wasn’t being patronizing. The Right Proper beers have a distinct flavor and character, a result of Nathan’s (and his team’s) focus on yeast. As Nathan says, their beers have “soul.”

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On this episode, Nathan and I shared their “Kodachrome Dream(ing),” a radler. The radler, sometimes called a shandy in America, has a rich history and lore in Europe. Radlers are typical in the summer in Germany and the surrounding countries. In fact, radler beers were very popular in Amsterdam, so it was exciting to taste Nathan’s take on this traditional, refreshing beer. Typically, radler beers are a mix of a simple lager and a soda or sparkling juice. However, Nathan just used a lot of citrus peel, giving KD it’s bright, refreshing quality.

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The name, Kodachrome Dream(ing), has a few meanings for Nathan and he gets into them during our review process. Nathan described KD as “vibrant” and I said “zest,” both capitalizing on the beer’s bright quality. For its spirit animal, Nathan referred to his childhood and his love of photography, one namesake for KD. I chose Dory, or any other tropical fish. Lastly, when I asked Nathan for whom he would order this beer, he said Yvan De Baets, the co-founder of de la Senne. I chose a much broader answer, saying that I was just interested in seeing the general public’s reaction to a beer like this. I ultimately really enjoyed this beer.


We ended our conversation by just talking about Right Proper’s role in the local community and how beer can service a local area. We continued to talk about the imagery and associations that a beer like KD can conjure up.

As usual, we attempted to rate the beer! Nathan pushed back against the idea of applying a number to a beer so he stuck with words. I gave my arbitrary number as 8.5/10 but was happier with my impression of the beer, which was nostalgia and home.


We hope you enjoyed this episode and continue listening to the podcast!


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