Ep. 21-& Caz & Bone Up Key Lime White Ale

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints & Podcasts. This past weekend I traveled up to the Boston area to visit some wonderful friends! On Friday, July 16th, I spent time with my excellent friend Jess (whom I will try to convince to eventually come on the show) before spending Saturday in Boston! Saturday night I was joined by friend of the show, Caz Novak, for his 3rd appearance on the podcast (for Caz’s other episodes click here and here). We finally got to sample some official Bone Up beer and it was very tasty! Liz and Jared, the wonderful team behind Bone Up, were on an earlier episode so you can listen to that conversation here. We also addressed the recent phenomenon of Pokémon Go! It was a sleepy, late-night edition of People & Pints but hopefully, you enjoy it because we sure did!

FullSizeRender (2)

I spent most of the day just re-exploring Boston and enjoying the sunny, though hot, weather in the city! Jess and I met with Caz and our other friend Jules for a delicious brunch at Lulu’s Allston. Jess and I then walked through Boston, stopping at the Boston Public Market and eventually walking to Trillium in Fort Point.

After Jess left to return to Worcester I rejoined Caz and we got a chance to catch up! We enjoyed the cooler evening and spent some time with other friends around Boston College. Finally, after a very brief attempt to play Pokémon Go we returned to Caz’s dorm to record this episode.

FullSizeRender (29).jpgThe beer we tried from Bone Up was their Key Lime White Ale, an attempt to mix two delicious things: beer and Key Lime Pie. Ultimately, we enjoyed it! Caz described it as “lime,” which is very accurate, while I explained that it reminded me of the beach. Then, Caz said that Key Lime’s spirit animal is a dachshund wearing a key lime ice cream costume.  I had a little trouble explaining my choice but I kept picturing a chimpanzee. Finally, apropos of our discussion, I said that the beer would be Pikachu and Caz claimed it was Squirtle. Again, we really did enjoy the beer and hope you can try to find it!


FullSizeRender (5)

The last time I had a Bone Up beer


We then attempted to get into the cultural craze of Pokémon Go. Caz does not play and doesn’t really have the nostalgic pull, a significant part of the app’s success. Caz said he thinks it’s a great idea but there have been several examples of recklessness that make him, and me, queazy. We agreed that there can be significant benefits to playing a game that essentially makes players get outside and walk around. Everything in moderation, though. There is still plenty of room for debate and conversation, and–certainly–research, around this phenomenon and I hope more intelligent people continue to dissect this app.

Finally, we returned to the beer for a rating. As discussed in last week’s episode, a numerical rating can be tricky and not entirely helpful, so I gave Caz the option to describe the beer in other terms. He very eloquently highlighted the delicious balance of the beer and explained that he enjoyed both the fruit elements and the beer elements. I agreed and added that the feelings this beer stirred up were pleasant and fun, certainly reminding me of summer and the beach. Also, for you number people, I gave it an 8 out of 10.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of People & Pints & Podcasts! Please spread the word, subscribe to the show on iTunes, and comment with any feedback!

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