Ep. 24-& Rob & Radiant Pig Junior IPA

Hey all and welcome to another week of People & Pints. I made the trip from New Jersey to New York City this past Saturday to meet with Rob from Radiant Pig Brewing Co. Rob and Laurisa, the team behind Radiant Pig, are based out of New York though to ask where the brewery is from is “a loaded question,” as Rob pointed out to me. Radiant Pig is a “gypsy brewery,” Rob shared, so the beer is brewed at different locations, based on availability. This is a tricky topic and has caused some controversy with brewers and drinkers when claiming a geographic location. Despite any controversy, Rob is adamant that Radiant Pig is a New York City brewery. What began as a pipedream for two NYC homebrewers blossomed into something real and as time continues, Rob and Laurisa hope to open their own facility within the city. For now, they’ll just continue making good beer, beer that I think does capture the flavor of the city.

One logistical hiccup for Rob and me was not having a space to record. So, Rob suggested we meet at one of his accounts in Grammercy, but upon arriving we realized it would still be a little loud. So, Rob was kind enough to find some space outdoors behind his apartment and we braved the heat and typical NYC ambiance while recording. Rob found himself wiping his brow with a handkerchief–and I with my shirt sleeve–but the Radiant Pig beer managed to cool us off a bit. We drank Junior IPA, described as the “baby between an IPA and a Pale Ale.” Rob interestingly pointed out that when they started brewing this beer there wasn’t truly a “session IPA” style, but he’s right to group it in that category. I described it in one word as “soft” as I found the hop character much more mellow than a stronger IPA. Rob went the simpler, though revelatory, “yum.” I certainly couldn’t disagree. We then suggested the ideal drinking location. Rob offered that being out on the ocean, perhaps fishing, might be the best place. I similarly said that the beach would be an ideal place to enjoy Junior. Going hand in hand with that, we considered the ideal drinking time. I mentioned that late Summer, on the beach, would be a perfect time and Rob–though stressing it is a year round style–agreed with me!

FullSizeRender (36)

We continued chatting for a good while, Rob sharing some goals for the future of Radiant Pig. He reiterated the hope to have their own space in NYC to focus on their brand and keep everything under one roof. He explained some of the other Radiant Pig beers and said that he and Laurisa do hope to be able to can other beers (not just Junior) in the future. Patience has also played a major role in the progress of Radiant Pig. Even before we began recording, Rob explained that developing from a homebrewer to a professional brewer requires quite a lot of patience. Rob also brought up some investment opportunities and looked to the future for new beers and potential cans for other beer!

We hope you enjoyed listening to our conversation and certainly look out for Radiant Pig in and around NYC. They’re definitely a good brewery to keep track of!


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