Ep. 25-& Keir & Sixpoint Brewery

IMG_4322Hi all and welcome to another week of People & Pints & Podcasts! I have been on vacation in the Dominican Republic but found some time and wifi to edit and upload this podcast episode! I was very happy to visit Sixpoint Brewery and speaking with Keir about his craft. We enjoyed a great conversation about quality beer and some of the plans for Sixpoint.

Keir began his career in whiskey before switching to beer, explaining that his experience in distilling helped with many of the aspects of brewing. This grounded experience, but willingness to experiment, makes Keir an important part of the Sixpoint fabric. Keir spoke to some aspects of Sixpoint’s brand, which includes “inventiveness” and is certainly recognizable. Sixpoint is known for their unique, thin 12-ounce can and I was struck that they don’t explicitly categorize every single beer. Or rather, they allow broader categories for beers that may fit the traditional style guide.

FullSizeRender (38)

We also talked about the balance between being a national brand but also incorporating local flavor into the Sixpoint beer. Keir alluded to some issues that tend to spring up as they–and the industry–grow. An emphasis on quality becomes paramount and maintaining a fan base in one’s home city is an important facet of a growing brewery. He also shared some kind words about collaborating with other New York and New England.

Keir shared some hopes and plans for upcoming beers and the trajectory of Sixpoint as a brewery, which continues to grow. Keir seemed delighted by the ability to express his creativity through beer and bounce off the ideas of others in the industry. His genuine pleasure and joy in brewing were clear and helped drive our conversation.

FullSizeRender (37)

After we chatted for awhile, Keir took me through the space and continued elaborating on the Sixpoint brewing process, pointing out things we had talked about on the podcast. We parted ways eventually, but I genuinely hope to reconnect sometime soon and check in on everything at Sixpoint.

I mentioned that the Sixpoint website had a reporting system to track expired beer and Keir hadn’t been aware of it, but we continued with a good discussion of freshness. I was very impressed with this feature and am happy to point it out here.

Thanks for listening as always and check out Sixpoint Brewery for some delicious beer!


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