Ep. 27-& Danny & Bone Up Thrasher Hoppy Wheat Ale

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints. My roommate and wonderful friend Danny Pimpinelli joined me on this edition of the podcast. We described our experience visiting Bone Up Brewing for their grand opening! We also drank a beer from Bone Up that we brought back in a growler. Danny and I also chatted about his experience abroad and his own familiarity and enjoyment of craft beer!


Our Bone Up experience was very exciting and fun, we got the chance to sample through all of their beers in a “grown-up flight.” and play Cards Against Humanity. Danny talked about how “quaint” and inviting the space was and I would certainly echo those sentiments. We ran into some issues with the arcade games in the lobby, but that certainly didn’t hinder our experience.


Danny and I really enjoyed the beer from Bone Up and thought they were interesting takes on some more traditional styles. Danny noted the more prevalent and balanced flavors in all of the Bone Up beers. After chatting about the beers for a bit, Danny and I dove into our beer for the episode.

We drank Thrasher, a hoppy wheat ale, which was a very unique and tasty beer. I stumbled through the commercial description but we made it to the tasting and “review.” Danny described the beer as “zesty.” I chose to describe it as “dressed-up.” We then tried to decide for whom we’d order the beer. We both essentially agreed that Thrasher would be better served to “a more seasoned drinker”, probably even more seasoned than us, to really enjoy the intricacies. Although new drinkers could certainly really enjoy this beer, we agreed that we’d order the beer for someone who has more experience with beer. I then challenged Danny to come up with a pairing for the beer. Danny offered maybe pretzels, which is certainly an appropriate suggestion. I said that I’d pair Thrasher with some crabs or other shellfish. Tangentially, we tried to pair the beer with some music. Danny said Dave Matthews Band while I said jazz.


Danny studied in Brisbane, Australia and had a lot of adventures and exciting experiences (read all about it here). He had some really interesting insights on the local craft beer scene and considered the difficulties with importing beer and even shipping beer across the continent. I was intrigued with this practical reasoning for more regional-focused craft beer.

We then shifted back to our life at Boston College and some of our goals for the semester!



Our bar!


We finished by talking about Thrasher by trying to come up with an accurate rating or final description. Danny and I suggested giving it an 8 out of 10 but also just recommended trying the beer and experiencing the creativity of Liz and Jared.


Thank you for listening to our conversation, we hope you enjoyed it! Please subscribe on iTunes, like the show on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!



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