Ep. 28-& Todd & Dorchester Brewing Co.

Hi all and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints! I had the chance to sit down with Todd, one of the co-partners behind Dorchester Brewing Co., a new brewing endeavor focused on contract brewing. Todd shared a lot of wonderful information about what it means to be a contract brewer and why opening a brewery in Dorchester is important. People have varying opinions about contract brewing, in terms of claiming a location. Some may argue, “how can you be a brewing company from X if your beer is brewed in Dorchester, MA.” Todd helped clarify that, I think. Moreover, I found his model of both brewing his partners’ beers and then serving them in the taproom very intriguing. For one, it will introduce potentially out of market beers to the Boston scene. On an even simpler level, it just creates a dignified taproom environment for some of the partner brewing companies who don’t have a physical space to showcase their beers. I really enjoyed one of Dorchester Brewing Co.’s original beers as we chatted. So much so, that I took a crowler of it home for my roommates and myself. It didn’t last very long (read: we all shared it that night).

FullSizeRender (42)

Todd, like many brewers in the New England brewing community, began his professional career at Harpoon, “a breeding ground for young brewers,” as Todd mentions. His plan for Dorchester Brewing Co. has been growing for a long time and his experience helped shape his vision, I think. Contract brewing or “partner brewing” was a key part of Todd’s plans and he tried to construct a facility that put its partners first. “Our focus is really on our partners,” Todd stated quite clearly. He wants Dorchester Brewing Co. to function as a steward for other brands. Todd also elaborated on why opening the brewery in Dorchester was so important in his vision. Two of the partners have roots in Dorchester and felt that bringing their business to Dorchester could do a lot of good. By rebuilding and renovating an old industrial space, by hiring locals from the community and by functioning as a destination to bring consumers to the area, Todd believes DBCo. can add some great value to the area. Moreover, he touched on a very interesting aspect in terms of bringing craft beer to a market and demographic that hasn’t been exposed to craft before. Alongside being a steward, I found Todd had an important role as educator.

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Todd and I drank an Imperial Pilsner–brewed by DBCo–which is an amped-up version of a traditional pilsner. It’s very drinkable and refreshing as an end of summer beer! Todd then ran through the list of some of the beers they’ve been brewing. Todd has found a lot of joy in reintroducing some traditional, sometimes unheard of, beers–particularly German beers–to the local market! Todd talked about being able to experiment within limits. He likes to stick to style guidelines and accurately nail down the traditional styles. Still, he is more than happy to have some fun and experiment with his beers.

FullSizeRender (41)

Todd ended by elaborating on the importance of having the taproom. The ability to showcase beers and bring people into the physical brewing space is paramount. Moreover, it helps pull the curtain back for his partners and announce, proudly, where the contract/partner brewing company’s beers are actually brewed!

I really enjoyed my chat with Todd and hope he had some fun talking about DBCo with me! He shared some breaking news with me that DBCo.’s baltic porter, which is being brewed, will be available in the winter in wooden barrels, which will give some great flavor to the surely already delicious beer.


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