Ep. 29-& Tyler & Down the Road Rasenmäher Kölsch

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! It’s the long-awaited introduction of Tyler Coyne! Tyler is part of the band Starving of Thirst, who provide the intro and outro music for the show. We had a truly goofy, crazy episode so be prepared to laugh and/or cringe as we fumble through our podcast. Tyler is one of my closest friends and is a wonderful, funny, talented person. He let loose on the podcast but he also shared some thoughtful points about drinking culture and his own palette. We also messed up some German and laughed through our nonsense, but ended up having a good time and hopefully you enjoy it!


Tyler is a fellow senior at Boston College and we recorded from our house on campus. Tyler isn’t a huge fan of beer, but began to describe the place of alcohol in social situations. M0re specifically, Tyler mentioned that he enjoys drinking beer or wine around friends and family and often over a meal. After elaborating on his experience abroad in Paris, we got into the beer.


For this episode, we drank Rasenmäher Kölsch from Down the Road Beer Co. Down the Road is a production brewery in Everett, MA (neighbors to Night Shift and Bone Up) and features some interesting artwork on its cans. Tyler had a tough time with the pronunciation and translation (which I later found out was “lawnmower”) but we enjoyed it nonetheless. When asked to describe the beer in a word, Tyler said he imagined drinking the beer at a water park in Disney. When I pointed out that he answered the wrong question, Tyler ultimately said that he thought the beer was “crisp” and also “fuschia.” I decided to answer both questions, saying I could imagine drinking Rasenmäher near a lake and I would describe it as “neutral,” but qualified that it was pleasant, aromatic and tasty. Finally, we tried to find an accurate music pairing and Tyler said “beach rap/reggae like Aer” while I was taken back to a random Jazz club in Heidelberg. It was a very tasty beer despite some head issues and certainly one I’d have again.

We closed by having a brief discussion about Tyler’s music career and initial thoughts on his final year at Boston College. Starving of Thirst is very similar to The Postal Service in the process of recording music across the country, so Tyler elucidated some of the challenges of being part of a band while in university.


We had a great, silly, fun time and we hope you enjoyed our conversation!


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