Ep. 30-& Brennan & Mayflower Porter

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! With this episode, I officially have recorded with all of my roommates!! I think they’ve all been a lot of fun and this one is no different. Brennan and I chatted about his study abroad experience, his musical tastes, and his upcoming performance in the musical Assasins. And, of course, we talk about some good beer from Mayflower Brewing Co.

Brennan spent his junior year studying at Trinity College in Dublin. He described his experience to me and explained the ways he felt at home in Ireland. He was able to connect with the people and the natural beauty of the country. Brennan also elaborated on the drinking culture in Ireland. He found that it was very widespread and just added another level to the friendliness and openness of the Irish people. “They really like the Guinness over there,” Brennan shared.


I decided to get Brennan a stout or porter to replicate the beer he enjoyed in Ireland. After a recommendation from one of the employees at Craft Beer Cellar in Fenway, I picked up Porter from Mayflower Brewing Co. We both agreed it was a good beer and had fun “reviewing it.” Brennan described it as effervescent and I said “chocolate bar.” Then, we said that the ideal location would be in a comfortable easy-chair, beside a roaring fire, in a log cabin. Finally, we had to choose for whom we’d order the beer. Brennan picked Taylor Swift while I said it could be good for both someone who doesn’t always love stouts and for someone who already appreciates stouts or porters.

We then started talking about Brennan’s upcoming performance in Assassins. Brennan described some of the challenges of playing a dark character. We chatted about cast dynamics and the fun in performing! Check here soon for more information.



Where’s Brennan? Oh that’s right, all the way up front by the stage.


Lastly, we dove into the band MisterWives, who played a concert at Boston College. Brennan has become a big fan and I really enjoy listening to their music and loved seeing them live. The music is extremely catchy and the band has an electric stage presence. Also, to clarify, I said I really enjoyed “Our House” but the name of the song is “Our Own House.”

Thank you very much for listening to another episode! We hope you enjoyed it!




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