Ep. 31-& A.C. & Cayla & Tyler & Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of People & Pints! No, you did not read the title incorrectly; I indeed have 3 (!) guests on this episode–a P&P first! The team behind forthcoming Lamplighter Brewing Co. were able to squeeze in a podcast recording session on a busy Tuesday evening. I arrived to find contractors hard at work and the team either busy brewing or busy painting. Although the space was still a work in progress, I could see how beautiful it would soon turn out. Cayla, A.C., and Tyler were all very hospitable and provided some wonderful conversations and delicious beer. Right after finishing, though, they were back to work and I happily packed up my bag, wishing them a good evening as I headed back to the T. I am very excited to see the final product soon and hope you enjoy this conversation with the co-founders and head brewer of Lamplighter Brewing Co.!


Cayla and A.C. took some time to explain the history of Lamplighter and described their desire to bring more craft beer to the Cambridge scene. It has been a long process to get Lamplighter up and running but the progress has been exciting!


Cayla, A.C. and Tyler were kind enough to share some of the beers with me! We sampled the gose, Metric Systems, which is brewed with coriander and sea salt. It was sour and refreshing, absolutely enjoyable! Next, we tried Ele, a saison, named for the Stranger Things character! The saison was very tasty and had some great spice and character to it. Afterwards, we had Luicd Nonsense IPA, a bright, aromatic IPA. Finally, we had Easy Tiger, a Brett IPA, which was phenomenal. I certainly recommend checking out all of these for yourself, when you can.



The Lamplighter team had a lot of setbacks to work through and their timeline has had to change quite a bit. But they’re right at the finish line and it’s exciting to see their vision becoming a reality. As mentioned on the podcast, they are waiting on an inspection to be able to open their growler counter and they are expecting a mid-October opening date for the taproom! Follow their progress on Twitter.


Thank you everyone for listening and thank you especially to Cayla, A.C., and Tyler! It was certainly one of my favorite podcast episodes and I was glad they took the time out of their busy days to chat. Hope you all enjoyed it!




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