Ep. 33-& Riley & Danny & Two Roads Honeyspot Road IPA

Hi everyone and welcome to a special edition of People & Pints! For this episode, I asked Danny and Riley to join me! However, they had already planned to watch the debate so I compromised: we recorded during the debate! Our episode is a little hectic and unorganized but I think that’s appropriate for the mayhem that occurred during the debate. We tried to react honestly, but perhaps not very thoughtfully. We hope you enjoy our hot take on this debate.

For the debate we decided to drink Honeyspot Road IPA from Two Roads Brewing. Although we didn’t focus too much on the beer, we really enjoyed it. It certainly helped ease us into the cage match that unfolded on TV. Danny also helped by laying down some drinking rules. We decided to drink every time Donald Trump mentioned “China,” “Mexico,” “Bill Clinton,” and whenever he sniffed, so we went through two beers (instead of the standard one on the podcast). We also decided to drink whenever Anderson Cooper “was a stud.”

The debate opened relatively calmly but quickly escalated as Anderson Cooper brought up the tapes that were leaked. Hopefully it’s obvious that we were blown away by Trump’s responses and it became increasingly more uncomfortable watching him through the debate.

We decided to end the podcast before the end of the debate and keep the episode relatively short. We brought back the beer and decided to give it a one word description. Danny gave it “bitter,” perhaps influenced by the events of the debate. Riley dubbed it as “flavorful” and I said “smooth.”

I can’t truly distill everything we talked about into this post so I hope you feel up to the task of listening through our episode and laughing and cringing with us. I also can’t incorporate all of the moments, facts, untruths, interruptions, and everything that occurred so I encourage you to sift through a myriad of news sources. We aren’t professionals, just three uncomfortable college students. Like our beer, this episode is unfiltered so take everything we say with a grain of salt.



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