I had been feeling very sick this past week and had some scheduling conflicts, so unfortunately I had neither the time nor energy to record a podcast episode. However, I decided to exchange it for a post I had been meaning to try to write for some time. I am taking this idea from Good Beer Hunting, a stellar website and whose podcast is perhaps my number one inspiration, who in turn built on Jessica Stanley, “a master internet curator.”I have been thinking about starting a series of these curated articles every week in addition to podcast episodes but I decided to try one in lieu of a recording this week. I may have added one too many categories but I hope you enjoy my thoughts nonetheless!

Read: “The good news is that dating is not the same thing as love. And as anyone who has ever been in love can attest, the laws of supply and demand do not control our feelings.” I had the pleasure and good fortune to hear from Lindy West, Luvvie Ajayi, and Moira Weigel at the Boston Book Festival. They shared some powerful words about feminism, strength, and humor. All of these women have written for different sites and have recently published books, but I’d recommend Weigel’s “Sexual Freelancing in the Gig Economy” via the New York Times for a taste of her style of writing and meticulous research that fueled her book, Labors of Love: The Invention of Dating.

Look: dylan. The skateboarding community, and a portion of the world at large, has been mourning Dylan Rieder, who passed away Wednesday, October 12 after batting Leukemia. His incredible video parts for Transworld Skateboarding, Alien Workshop, and others have been resurfacing and reminding fans and former skateboarders (like myself) why Rieder was so revered. He possessed such a balance of grace and power in his skateboarding. I highly recommend watching “dylan.” his solo part for Gravis footwear (skip to 4:30 for some insanity). He pushed with such speed but skated so smoothly, it’s almost mystical. He had incredible talent and unquestionable style and is dearly missed.

Taste: It’s that time again. Fall brings delicious, earthy, sweet, and full flavors to the menu. Pumpkins and apples are ubiquitous at this time, and fittingly so. I treated myself to an Apple Cider Glazed donut from Blackbird Donuts in Boston’s South End. Check out this list of apple cider donuts in Boston from my fellow Boston Magazine intern Lloyd for more iterations of the tasty, sweet treat.

Drink: Castle Island’s Festbier. Despite being sick I did decide to crack open the last festbier in the 4-pack I had bought. And it was a good decision. Castle Island is a new brewery out of Norwood, MA and has been brewing up some delicious hits, including Candlepin, which I thoroughly enjoy. Festbier has a rich, bready quality with some sweet malt flavors. There is also a touch of fruit and earthiness in the aroma that makes Festbier pleasant and drinkable, particularly for the fall.


Listen: In preparing for a concert to see The Head and the Heart this week, I rediscovered a song that I really love, “Winter Song.” The Head and the Heart finds beauty in simplicity and their folk, honest music is both nostalgic and optimistic. “Winter Song” reminds of a time past but makes me look forward to something bright.

I hope you enjoyed this brief roundup of things I’ve enjoyed this past week. Look forward to a podcast episode next time but please let me know if you believe this is a type of post I should revisit or include regularly on People & Pints!

Featured Image via Jon Gurinsky//Flickr.


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