Ep. 34-& Jules & Barrel House Z Sunny & 79 Ginned Pils

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s (late) People & Pints episode. I was so happy to finally have my wonderful friend Jules on the show! We drank a delicious beer and chatted about the research she has been conducting and our mutual appreciation for quality drinks. Jules shared some insights into the different options she has in the medical field and explains some of the ways she enjoys helping people. We also describe our appreciation for a good beer with a delicious dinner.

Jules is one of my closest friends at university and has been conducting some fascinating research on breast cancer. She also recently ran a marathon, so between work and exercise she has been very busy. But she took the time to chat with me about delicious beer. We talked about a dinner we had had at the Publick House in Brookline and fawned over their extensive beer list.


On the episode we drank Sunny & 79° from Barrel House Z based out of Weymouth, MA. Barrel House Z is a new brewery that brews “small-batch, barrel-aged beer.” Sunny & 79 is a “ginned pils,” a standard Pilsner that has been kicked up a notch with juniper berries and citrus peel. The beer we had was aged in tequila barrels. We agreed that there were definitely notes of barrel aging, but they didn’t get in the way of the drinking experience. Moreover, Sunny & 79 had an ABV of 7.7% but drank much more easily than that number would suggest. I described the beer as “bright” and “summer” while Jules mentioned that she thought the beer was “clean.”Jules said she would order Sunny & 79 for her boyfriend, her dad, and definitely friends. Likewise, I think the beer would be well received by my roommates. We agreed on the beer’s spirit animal as a fish (I qualified it as a salmon).

After chatting about the beer we talked about Jules’ preferences for beer and how we enjoy having a good beer over a meal. Jules then shared some of her experiences with research and medicine and also touched on some concerts she had been to in the area.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation and we certainly recommend checking out Sunny & 79° for yourself–it was delicious and worth trying!



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