Ep. 35-& Randy & Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints. I sat down with Randy Winchester, the Senior Scientist and Duck Village Stage Director at Aeronaut Brewing Co. We sat down in his lab in Somerville to chat about the intersection of science and art at the brewery. He was one of the first faces of Aeronaut, showing up before the brewery was even open, and contributed the first $2 bill. Aside from his titled positions, he is generally available to fix anything in the brewery. Before, during, and after recording he was called in to help with a few random things like setting up a projector or fixing an iPhone stand.


Randy has a long history with beer, science, and music. He began homebrewing in his high school days, though he admits he was really just making wine. After dabbling in home brewing he didn’t return to it on a big scale for quite awhile. He also worked in academia for quite some time and has worked in local art galleries and has curated a lot of music events in the area.

FullSizeRender (59).jpgAt Aeronaut, Randy found a way to combine all of these passions into one place. He was given free reign over a full lab, replete with gorgeous tools and what seems like some serious mad-scientist stuff. He has been conducting tons of experiments, checking in on the Aeronaut beer and trying to find new strains of yeast.

FullSizeRender (60).jpg

I was lucky enough to sample a special beer on the podcast with Randy. The Aeronaut team had blended their Imperial Stout with a Barrel Aged Stout and produced a delicious, rich, chocolatey beer. We also chatted about a recent big piece of news that Aeronaut pulled in a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival for their Robot Crush, an American-Style Pilsner.


Randy was a great person to chat with about the science behind beer and he shared some fascinating insights! Give it a listen and check out the Aeronaut beer for yourself!



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