I am in the middle of wrapping up my finals at BC so I was unable to find the time to record a full-length podcast episode for this week. In lieu of a normal episode I will try another post in this series based on an idea from Good Beer Hunting, who in turn built on Jessica Stanley, “a master internet curator.”

Read: This one is from a couple years ago and might seem random, but hear me out. I very much could have used Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom for the “look” section, but I’ve repurposed it for the “read” section. Richard Brody, a beautiful writer and fantastic critic, wrote “Loving ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ for the Right Reasons” in 2012 and it resurfaced for me as I re-watched Moonrise Kingdom a few days ago. I included Brody’s piece and the film in a final paper for one of my theology classes. I get so much joy from watching Anderson’s films and Brody’s writing helps put the emotions into words.

Look: I wanted to include something else but I couldn’t keep myself from talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I saw the film last Thursday and I was incredibly moved by it. I wasn’t expecting to connect with the movie on an emotional level, but I did. The action was incredibly exciting, the new characters intriguing, and the reintroduction of one or two old characters is breathtaking. I highly recommend seeing this movie. It’s flawed in several ways (some of the storytelling–especially in the 1st act–isn’t great, didn’t love all the new characters, CGI pretty wonky in one case particularly) but still fantastic and, after having only seen it once, I currently like it more than Force Awakens (that’s it, that’s my hot take). See it for yourself and then catch Mr. Sunday Movie’s recap of the Easter Eggs missed and check his full review with his co-host Nick Mason on one of my favorite podcasts The Weekly Planet.

Drink: Farmhouse Pale Ale by Oxbow Brewery. Funky, crisp, refreshing, wheaty. I’ve had this beer before but I had it last night at Otto’s Pizza in Coolidge Corner. I had a slice of margarita and spicy pulled pork with scallion, both of which were delicious. The Farmhouse was a perfect beer for the evening and I was happy to get the chance to get away from campus for a quick meal with my wonderful friend Jules.

Listen: I feel a little obligated to put in another plug for Tyler Coyne’s new album, which you should definitely listen to, but one thing that I keep recommending is another podcast, Comedy Bang Bang. Specifically, I’d give a listen to the 2016 Holiday Spectacular featuring a wide range of guests. Jason Mantzoukas and Rhea Butcher stop by as themselves but plenty of regular characters pop in and it’s absurd and painfully funny. There are a lot of inside jokes from previous episodes but if you embrace the weirdness you’ll get so many laughs out of it.

Featured image “Moonrise Kingdom poster” via ga3lle/Flickr.


Ep. 37-& Tyler & Spencer Trappist Ale

img_4604Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! For this edition, I have Tyler Coyne returning to the show. Our first episode together we had a very silly, fun time and as we recorded this episode during our finals week we may be a little bit more restrained–hopefully not too much so. As mentioned before, Tyler is one of the members of Starving of Thirst, who provide the intro and outro music. This time, though, Tyler came on to promote his own record which he wrote, produced, and published on his own! We laughed a lot, talked about writing music, drank some delicious beer, and heard some of his new music performed live! Unfortunately we had some issues with the recording equipment so I apologize if the audio doesn’t sound perfect but hopefully you enjoy this episode nonetheless!

The beer we sampled on the podcast was actually a wonderful coincidence because it happens to be made a few minutes from where Tyler grew up! We enjoyed Spencer Trappist Ale made by the monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey. When I told Tyler before the show his eyes lit up and his enthusiasm was obvious. I was so happy to have bought this beer, which I really only bought because I hadn’t had it in awhile and loved it the first time I tried it. It’s an amber, nearly orange, color with fruity and spicy notes, perhaps a little clove or pepper, in the nose and taste. It was delicious.

We dove into our one-word descriptions and lingered over words like “home,” “nostalgia,” and “pride.” We then tried to think about what would pair well with the beer beyond the tater tots that we were munching on during the recording. Tyler decided to pair the beer with pizza from a local pizza shop, the Paxton House of Pizza. I immediately thought of having Spencer Trappist Ale with a plate of sausage and cheese. Lastly, Tyler and I considered what this beer’s spirit animal is. Tyler said a “snow leopard” and I thought of “Fawkes the Phoenix” from the Harry Potter series. We both really enjoyed the beer and had a lot of fun “reviewing” it.

Tyler took some time describing the challenges and pleasures of making, recording, and producing music on your own. He had a lengthy process and drew from a wide variety of influences to put out his album Simple Things. He described the album as music that he had thought of that didn’t seem to fit the tone or style of Starving of Thirst. He has had some apprehension in putting out the album on Spotify but also feels a sense of relief in having it out of his hands.

After talking for a bit, Tyler played a song, “Think About It”, off Simple Things. You can find the full album below or look it up for yourself on Spotify. I was also thrilled to learn that I had a very small influence on one of his songs! So give the album a listen.

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Let us know what you think and check back again soon!