Ep. 41-& Caz & Connor & Idle Hands Thing 1 Farmhouse Ale

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! Friend of the show Caz joins the podcast for his 4th time and our friend Connor comes on for his 1st appearance. We chat about delicious beer, wombats, and business, man. Connor is also a big fan of the craft beer scene in Boston and has shown love for Night Shift, one of my favorite breweries. Listen in for lots of laughs and some tasty, tasty beer.

Connor and I chatted a bit about the growing scene around Boston and he compared it with his local scene in Colorado. We considered some of the cultural and financial reasons for other folks our age to try or not try craft beer.


We then dove into a mixed culture Farmhouse Ale, Thing 1, from Idle Hands. Idle Hands is a fantastic brewery and can sometimes get lost in the shuffle in Boston shifting beer scene. The three of us definitely enjoyed this take on a farmhouse ale and the flavors coming through were really nice. We attempted to describe the beer in a word: Connor chose “fruity-funky,” Caz chose “Lake George,” and I chose “breezy.” I then asked what genre of music Thing 1 would be. Caz opted for Country/Rock and maybe pinpointing it as The Eagles, Connor and I agreed it would be a Funk/Pop outfit with Connor specifying Capital Cities. Lastly, we tried to determine this beer’s spirit animal. Caz picked a wombat, Connor thought it would be some sort of bird–maybe a hummingbird or “random birds”–, and I chose a mongoose, for no particular reason.

We finished with the beer for a bit and checked in with how we were feeling with the new year as second-semester seniors. We’ve all been trying to settle in and take advantage of our last little bit of time at Boston College.

Ultimately we all enjoyed the beer a lot and I’m glad we had the opportunity to share it and chat for a bit! Highly recommend seeking out Idle Hands for yourself.



Ep. 40-& Kayla & Mystic La Soledad Biere de Garde

Hi everyone and welcome to the 40th (!) episode of People & Pints! I’m joined by my very good friend Kayla McLaughlin. Unfortunately, Kayla was feeling under the weather and could not join me with a beer (or rather a cider because Kayla is gluten intolerant). So, hopefully Kayla can come back for a true episode and you enjoy this less beer-focused one. We talked about the Women’s March, a little bit about beer, and the Kairos retreat. I also drink a Biere de Garde from Mystic, a fantastic brewery in the area.

We opened up the podcast breaking down, very briefly, the issues of ending a series properly. Kayla had gone through a few t.v. series over break so we caught up on How I Met Your Mother and Friends.


We also talked about the importance of the international moment that was the Women’s March. I managed to attend and it was a beautiful event. I got the chance to hear from Marty Walsh, Elizabeth Warren, and others from the area.

For this episode I had La Soledad, a Biere de Garde brewed with coffee beans from George Howell. It had a strange combination of flavors, including the sweetness of pear and apples. It was a rather light body and also had some notes of spices and herbs. Not all of the flavors, especially the coffee, blended perfectly well, though. It certainly isn’t my favorite beer from Mystic but it was a very interesting experiment and I’m glad I tried it.


We spent some time chatting about Kairos, a retreat offered at most, if not all, Jesuit schools. I went on the retreat in high school and recently led the retreat here at Boston College. Kayla has been involved in the planning process and really enjoys the opportunity for students to escape from the chaos of normal, college life.

We hope you enjoy the episode and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!


Ep. 39-& Rosa & Uncle Bob’s Cider

img_4610Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! The recently graduated Rosa joins me for her fifth time on the show. She seems to be everyone’s favorite guest and of course a personal fan of mine. We revisit Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari and talk about our recent visit to Savannah and Rosa’s upcoming trip to Germany. We have a lot of fun and sample a homemade cider! Enjoy!

Rosa will be leaving the US to be a “visiting scientist” in Koblenz, Germany for a few months! It is a super exciting position and she tried explaining a little bit of the work she will be doing. I’m encouraging her to seek out the local beer and hope against hope that she comes back with a newfound appreciation for beer (and some beer for me).

img_4695On this episode, we decided to sample a cider made by my uncle! He very graciously gave me some cider as a Christmas gift and I decided to include it on this edition of People & Pints. It was a really interesting tasting and we enjoyed breaking it down in our own way. I got a lot of different notes in my tasting and rosa noted that it seemed to be more on the beer side than the cider side. Rosa described it as “Belgian” or “hoppy” while I chose “bouncing-ball.” We then deliberated the cider’s spirit animal. Rosa chose a beaver while I opted for a rabbit or a “hare.”  Lastly, we tried our hand at designing a potential label for Uncle Bob’s cider. Rosa ended up choosing a simple, fall-colored scheme for her label and I ended up naming it “Bobbing for Apples.”

We also took some time to talk about our trip to Savannah! We had a lovely time with some delicious food and beer. The locals were incredibly accommodating and nice. I ended up bringing some beer home, which has been a lot of fun for me. Some really great spots include The Grey, Green Truck Pub, and the Jinx.



We ended by recommending that everyone tries their hand at making their own cider. We enjoyed Uncle Bob’s cider and hope other people try it out for themselves!


Ep. 38-& Bill & Ian & Trillium Outside the Lines Stout

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! It has been a few weeks since I’ve been able to record a podcast episode, but I’ve returned with a very fun one! During my winter break in Cranford, NJ, I sat down to try a beer from Trillium that I had been holding on to for some time with my good friends Bill and Ian. Bill has been on the show several times and Ian once joined me for an episode that never actually made it outside of GarageBand due to some audio issues. So, these two obviously have some experience but each podcast episode is new so this ended up being quite an adventure. We were hoping to have our good friend Ryan also join us but he was under the weather so he was with us in spirit.


Bill, myself, and Ryan

We spent our New Year’s Eve together and came into 2017 with some expectations and a delicious beer. We laid out our resolutions, looked back at 2016, and talked about Outside the Lines Imperial Stout from Trillium. I actually picked up the Omnipollo/Trillium collab back in July and wanted to see how the beer would turn out after a few months. We all really enjoyed this take and could feel some of the effects of the aging process. Bill described the beer as “Portland,” Ian dubbed it “mocha,” and I said “midnight.” Bill decided to pair the beer with fresh strawberries. I took it a step further and suggested apple pie á la mode. Ian agreed that it should be a dessert beverage and we all fantasized about an Outside the Lines ice cream float. We then took turns describing where we would imagine drinking it. Ian and I agreed that it should be a woodsy, cold setting, perhaps a log cabin. Bill very simply suggested my house, which I took as a compliment.

Bill’s resolution was around being a bit more fiscally responsible, which is a great idea. Though he clarified that he wanted to not just spend less money but make money in more efficient ways. Ian’s was about being more immersive and committed in his activities. My main resolution is about staying in better shape and I’ve found a lot of joy playing tennis as a workout.


Myself, Ryan, and Ian

We ultimately returned to the beer to give a final verdict. We felt that it was a delicious, intense beer but realized that it should be enjoyed in small doses with friends. Ian accurately called it “substantial” and we agreed that a group tasting is an ideal setting. We very much recommend this beer and hope Trillium and Omnipollo recreate it sometime soon!