Ep. 38-& Bill & Ian & Trillium Outside the Lines Stout

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! It has been a few weeks since I’ve been able to record a podcast episode, but I’ve returned with a very fun one! During my winter break in Cranford, NJ, I sat down to try a beer from Trillium that I had been holding on to for some time with my good friends Bill and Ian. Bill has been on the show several times and Ian once joined me for an episode that never actually made it outside of GarageBand due to some audio issues. So, these two obviously have some experience but each podcast episode is new so this ended up being quite an adventure. We were hoping to have our good friend Ryan also join us but he was under the weather so he was with us in spirit.


Bill, myself, and Ryan

We spent our New Year’s Eve together and came into 2017 with some expectations and a delicious beer. We laid out our resolutions, looked back at 2016, and talked about Outside the Lines Imperial Stout from Trillium. I actually picked up the Omnipollo/Trillium collab back in July and wanted to see how the beer would turn out after a few months. We all really enjoyed this take and could feel some of the effects of the aging process. Bill described the beer as “Portland,” Ian dubbed it “mocha,” and I said “midnight.” Bill decided to pair the beer with fresh strawberries. I took it a step further and suggested apple pie á la mode. Ian agreed that it should be a dessert beverage and we all fantasized about an Outside the Lines ice cream float. We then took turns describing where we would imagine drinking it. Ian and I agreed that it should be a woodsy, cold setting, perhaps a log cabin. Bill very simply suggested my house, which I took as a compliment.

Bill’s resolution was around being a bit more fiscally responsible, which is a great idea. Though he clarified that he wanted to not just spend less money but make money in more efficient ways. Ian’s was about being more immersive and committed in his activities. My main resolution is about staying in better shape and I’ve found a lot of joy playing tennis as a workout.


Myself, Ryan, and Ian

We ultimately returned to the beer to give a final verdict. We felt that it was a delicious, intense beer but realized that it should be enjoyed in small doses with friends. Ian accurately called it “substantial” and we agreed that a group tasting is an ideal setting. We very much recommend this beer and hope Trillium and Omnipollo recreate it sometime soon!



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