Ep. 39-& Rosa & Uncle Bob’s Cider

img_4610Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! The recently graduated Rosa joins me for her fifth time on the show. She seems to be everyone’s favorite guest and of course a personal fan of mine. We revisit Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari and talk about our recent visit to Savannah and Rosa’s upcoming trip to Germany. We have a lot of fun and sample a homemade cider! Enjoy!

Rosa will be leaving the US to be a “visiting scientist” in Koblenz, Germany for a few months! It is a super exciting position and she tried explaining a little bit of the work she will be doing. I’m encouraging her to seek out the local beer and hope against hope that she comes back with a newfound appreciation for beer (and some beer for me).

img_4695On this episode, we decided to sample a cider made by my uncle! He very graciously gave me some cider as a Christmas gift and I decided to include it on this edition of People & Pints. It was a really interesting tasting and we enjoyed breaking it down in our own way. I got a lot of different notes in my tasting and rosa noted that it seemed to be more on the beer side than the cider side. Rosa described it as “Belgian” or “hoppy” while I chose “bouncing-ball.” We then deliberated the cider’s spirit animal. Rosa chose a beaver while I opted for a rabbit or a “hare.”  Lastly, we tried our hand at designing a potential label for Uncle Bob’s cider. Rosa ended up choosing a simple, fall-colored scheme for her label and I ended up naming it “Bobbing for Apples.”

We also took some time to talk about our trip to Savannah! We had a lovely time with some delicious food and beer. The locals were incredibly accommodating and nice. I ended up bringing some beer home, which has been a lot of fun for me. Some really great spots include The Grey, Green Truck Pub, and the Jinx.



We ended by recommending that everyone tries their hand at making their own cider. We enjoyed Uncle Bob’s cider and hope other people try it out for themselves!



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