My name is John and I have a passion for writing. I am an English major and Ancient Civilizations minor at Boston College and I spent the fall semester of 2015 studying at the University of Amsterdam. I knew that I was interested in blogging and finally found a way to share my experiences while abroad. I wanted to capture the culture of beer in Amsterdam–and Europe in general–but for awhile I couldn’t find a way to express my interest in a readable, captivating way. After discussing my ideas with friends and mentors, I settled on People & Pints.

People & Pints was a project in which I endeavored to meet, chat and drink with the people of Amsterdam. Every week I visited a bar, sampling a new beer, and attempted to talk with a stranger. I came away with some great stories and more importantly just connected, on a personal level, with the city of Amsterdam, a city I called home. I find that good beer is an excellent means to a social end and I think I was able to capture that in this blog.

Since returning, and after workshopping the idea with friends, I decided to start a podcast. People & Pints & Podcasts branches off of the blog, merging delicious craft beer with compelling and fun conversations in an unfiltered, inviting way. You can find People & Pints & Podcasts here and on iTunes. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Send tips or suggestions to peopleandpints@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey John, great idea should consider having a friend send you over some rare beers from over here to bring to craft bars. They act as a currency and will definitely start conversation.

    Safe Travels,



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