Ep. 46-& Matt & Ryan & Night Shift Brewing North by Northeast Stout

Hey, everyone! It’s been a long time since the last episode. In the latter half of senior year, the stresses and duties of normal life have taken precedent over this fun project I’ve been pursuing, so I’ve had to put the podcast on the back burner. However, we definitely have a slate of a few episodes coming up. Including this one. I was joined for this episode by friends and neighbors, Matt and Ryan, who have joined me on my quest for delicious local beer this year. We recently visited Lamplighter and have plans to visit a few more breweries. We drank a fascinating, slightly confusing (at least for me) collaboration brew from Night Shift and The North Brewery. Night Shift is one of my favorite breweries and I was happy to taste this one-off release. We talked about our experiences through senior year and our thoughts on local beer.



Ep. 45-& Bri & Lookout Hard Cider

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People and Pints.This week I was joined by my very good friend Bri. We caught up about our Spring Breaks and chatted about music for a little while. This will be a short blog post but listen below for our full episode which was filled with laughs and great drinks. In fact, we decided to have cider on this episode because Bri prefers cider over beer. But we really enjoyed it: Lookout Hard Cider, from Natick, MA. Bri talked about her experience on Appa, a service trip facilitated by Boston College, and her work with WZBC. We had a really fun time on this episode and hope you enjoy it!



Ep. 42-& Maddie & Ambrey & Cambridge Brewing Remain in Light Hoppy Pilsner

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! I got the chance to share a beer with two wonderful people and some of my oldest friends from Boston College. Friends of the blog, though newcomers to the podcast, Maddie Webster and Ambrey Rice. I met Maddie and Ambrey through The Gavel, where we started as Editorial Assistants. Maddie and Ambrey don’t consider themselves “beer people” but they took the plunge and sampled a delicious beer with me as we goofed around for half an hour. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear a great little blooper–spoiler alert I almost fell out of my barstool. I also noticed that there were some strange audio glitches so I apologize in advance for that. Enjoy!


Maddie, Ambrey, and I have had various positions at The Gavel and first met as freshman. Our time there made a big impact on our Boston College experiences. I definitely grew as a writer because of my work there and it’s certainly the same for Maddie and Ambrey.

damara_dik-dikFor the episode, we sampled Remain in Light, a hoppy pilsner, from Cambridge Brewing Co. We all really enjoyed it and it was a bright, refreshing, drinkable beer. To start off our review, we all tried to find one word to describe it. Ambrey chose “Sunshine-y,” Maddie said “mystifying,” and I opted for “thirsty.” Next, we decided on its spirit animal. Ambrey offered, “otter,” Maddie, “dik-dik,” and I said, “salmon.” Finally, Ambrey suggested the ideal location to drink the beer was at a “backyard BBQ,” Maddie said “on a dock,” and I offered at any live sporting event.


We then got into our study abroad experiences and chatted about some of the wonderful things and some of the challenges. We also recapped Maddie and Ambrey’s trip to Amsterdam to visit me, which was a lot of fun.

Also, just to clarify, “adjunct” refers to unmalted grain, something I left out. It being unmalted indeed ends up making it cheaper which is my the macrobrews tend to use adjuncts. Though, as I tried to make clear, many talented brewers can do interesting things with adjuncts.

We all really enjoyed the beers and had a great time chatting! We hope you had a good time listening and I definitely recommend checking out any and all of Cambridge Brewing Co.’s beer.


Ep. 41-& Caz & Connor & Idle Hands Thing 1 Farmhouse Ale

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! Friend of the show Caz joins the podcast for his 4th time and our friend Connor comes on for his 1st appearance. We chat about delicious beer, wombats, and business, man. Connor is also a big fan of the craft beer scene in Boston and has shown love for Night Shift, one of my favorite breweries. Listen in for lots of laughs and some tasty, tasty beer.

Connor and I chatted a bit about the growing scene around Boston and he compared it with his local scene in Colorado. We considered some of the cultural and financial reasons for other folks our age to try or not try craft beer.


We then dove into a mixed culture Farmhouse Ale, Thing 1, from Idle Hands. Idle Hands is a fantastic brewery and can sometimes get lost in the shuffle in Boston shifting beer scene. The three of us definitely enjoyed this take on a farmhouse ale and the flavors coming through were really nice. We attempted to describe the beer in a word: Connor chose “fruity-funky,” Caz chose “Lake George,” and I chose “breezy.” I then asked what genre of music Thing 1 would be. Caz opted for Country/Rock and maybe pinpointing it as The Eagles, Connor and I agreed it would be a Funk/Pop outfit with Connor specifying Capital Cities. Lastly, we tried to determine this beer’s spirit animal. Caz picked a wombat, Connor thought it would be some sort of bird–maybe a hummingbird or “random birds”–, and I chose a mongoose, for no particular reason.

We finished with the beer for a bit and checked in with how we were feeling with the new year as second-semester seniors. We’ve all been trying to settle in and take advantage of our last little bit of time at Boston College.

Ultimately we all enjoyed the beer a lot and I’m glad we had the opportunity to share it and chat for a bit! Highly recommend seeking out Idle Hands for yourself.


Ep. 40-& Kayla & Mystic La Soledad Biere de Garde

Hi everyone and welcome to the 40th (!) episode of People & Pints! I’m joined by my very good friend Kayla McLaughlin. Unfortunately, Kayla was feeling under the weather and could not join me with a beer (or rather a cider because Kayla is gluten intolerant). So, hopefully Kayla can come back for a true episode and you enjoy this less beer-focused one. We talked about the Women’s March, a little bit about beer, and the Kairos retreat. I also drink a Biere de Garde from Mystic, a fantastic brewery in the area.

We opened up the podcast breaking down, very briefly, the issues of ending a series properly. Kayla had gone through a few t.v. series over break so we caught up on How I Met Your Mother and Friends.


We also talked about the importance of the international moment that was the Women’s March. I managed to attend and it was a beautiful event. I got the chance to hear from Marty Walsh, Elizabeth Warren, and others from the area.

For this episode I had La Soledad, a Biere de Garde brewed with coffee beans from George Howell. It had a strange combination of flavors, including the sweetness of pear and apples. It was a rather light body and also had some notes of spices and herbs. Not all of the flavors, especially the coffee, blended perfectly well, though. It certainly isn’t my favorite beer from Mystic but it was a very interesting experiment and I’m glad I tried it.


We spent some time chatting about Kairos, a retreat offered at most, if not all, Jesuit schools. I went on the retreat in high school and recently led the retreat here at Boston College. Kayla has been involved in the planning process and really enjoys the opportunity for students to escape from the chaos of normal, college life.

We hope you enjoy the episode and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!


Ep. 34-& Jules & Barrel House Z Sunny & 79 Ginned Pils

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s (late) People & Pints episode. I was so happy to finally have my wonderful friend Jules on the show! We drank a delicious beer and chatted about the research she has been conducting and our mutual appreciation for quality drinks. Jules shared some insights into the different options she has in the medical field and explains some of the ways she enjoys helping people. We also describe our appreciation for a good beer with a delicious dinner.

Jules is one of my closest friends at university and has been conducting some fascinating research on breast cancer. She also recently ran a marathon, so between work and exercise she has been very busy. But she took the time to chat with me about delicious beer. We talked about a dinner we had had at the Publick House in Brookline and fawned over their extensive beer list.


On the episode we drank Sunny & 79° from Barrel House Z based out of Weymouth, MA. Barrel House Z is a new brewery that brews “small-batch, barrel-aged beer.” Sunny & 79 is a “ginned pils,” a standard Pilsner that has been kicked up a notch with juniper berries and citrus peel. The beer we had was aged in tequila barrels. We agreed that there were definitely notes of barrel aging, but they didn’t get in the way of the drinking experience. Moreover, Sunny & 79 had an ABV of 7.7% but drank much more easily than that number would suggest. I described the beer as “bright” and “summer” while Jules mentioned that she thought the beer was “clean.”Jules said she would order Sunny & 79 for her boyfriend, her dad, and definitely friends. Likewise, I think the beer would be well received by my roommates. We agreed on the beer’s spirit animal as a fish (I qualified it as a salmon).

After chatting about the beer we talked about Jules’ preferences for beer and how we enjoy having a good beer over a meal. Jules then shared some of her experiences with research and medicine and also touched on some concerts she had been to in the area.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation and we certainly recommend checking out Sunny & 79° for yourself–it was delicious and worth trying!


Ep. 32-& Rosa & Far From the Tree Ember Toasted Chai Cider

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints. For her third appearance on the podcast, I was joined by my wonderful girlfriend Rosa (see here and here). Rosa visited me at Boston College during parents’ weekend, so the campus, despite the cold rain, was very very busy. We tailgated on Saturday and had some time to explore the city otherwise. We enjoyed some delicious dumplings at Mei Mei and some ice cream at Hi B3ar. We had a blast and, as usual, I was glad to have her on the podcast, despite several interruptions and a way too dramatic reading of a beer can.



As we’ve stated several times, Rosa does not like beer. But, she does enjoy cider. We stopped by Craft Beer Cellar Fenway to search for some libations and decided to go with Far From the Tree Ember, a toasted chai cider. I really enjoyed Ember and I think it’s one of the better ciders I’ve had recently. On the podcast, Rosa used the word “hay” to describe the cider, while I chose “mug,” conjuring images of comfort and coziness. Next, I dubbed Ember as a “fox” while Rosa later decided its spirit animal is a squirrel. Rosa opted to pair Ember with a butternut squash soup topped with almonds while I went broader and suggested it would be a good drink for Thanksgiving dinner.


After our cider talk we chatted about our respective semesters and we also broke down the movie, The Little Prince, which we watched the night before. It is a beautiful, affecting animated movie that expands on the original French story. Rosa also described her preparations for a marathon in October. I also mentioned that I will be seeing a concert for The Head and the Heart. We also talked about the Vagina Monologues and how that viewing affected us.


We had a lot of fun on this week’s episode and hope you enjoyed our shenanigans! Give it a listen and share with others!