Ep. 47-& Adam & Castle Island Brewing Co.

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! I don’t want to bury the lead so I’ll announce right here, in the second sentence, that this is also the final episode of P&P (at least for now). For eagle-eared listeners, it has been pretty obvious that over the past few months there have been gaps in content on this site and as my final semester of university is winding down, I’ve been sidetracked with lots of other responsibilities. And as fun as the podcast and blog have been, I’ve had to shift focus onto more pressing matters like school and work. Running a podcast isn’t that difficult but it certainly lost quality and regularity as I got busier. Anyway, I really loved this project and whether or not there were a lot of listeners, friends and colleagues seemed to enjoy the idea of People & Pints. I have no doubt that it will return in some capacity in the future. Until then, I’ll leave everything on the site as is.

IMG_4862This episode of People & Pints was fantastic and I had a blast chatting with Adam. He shared the Castle Island Brewing story and the local flavor of Norwood. The drive down was great and I enjoyed getting a little bit out of Boston on such a nice day. The beers were delicious and Adam shared some really great stories about Castle Island Brewing and what it takes to open a brewery in the Boston area (and at all, for that matter). Construction is well under way on the forthcoming Castle Island taproom and I encourage everyone to seek out cans of the beer or visit the brewery if you get a chance to!


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Ep. 7-& Kevin & Mayflower Spring Hop Ale

Hey everyone! Welcome to another week of People & Pints & Podcasts! For this episode I was joined by my very good friend Kevin Sheridan. Kevin and I went to high school together at Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, NJ, so we’ve known each other for quite some time. He and I now attend Boston College, where Kevin studies Political Science and Economics. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to chat with Kevin very much this semester, but his joining me on the show provided us with ample time to catch up! This episode was very free flowing but we hope you enjoyed listening and I was glad that Kevin could share a little about himself. We also talked about a potential new craft brewery in my hometown of Cranford, NJ and a new Fenway location for Craft Beer Cellar, here in Boston.


Mayflower Spring Hop Ale

Kevin and I had hoped that our good friend Bill (frequent guest of the show) would have been able to join, because he also went to high school with us. Sadly, Bill was busy with ROTC training so I only had Kevin on the show. Nonetheless, we took the time to check in on each other and see how our respective semesters were going. Kevin is heavily involved with a Model UN group that facilitates a conference for high school students in Boston. Kevin’s position requires a great deal of administrative work, planning the event, so, along with his course load, Kevin is kept pretty busy. Nonetheless, he took time out of a hectic Saturday to enjoy a beer and chat with me.

On this episode we sampled the Spring Hop Ale from Mayflower Brewing Co., located in Plymouth, MA. Resorting to the standard People & Pints reviewing process, Kevin and I dubbed the beer as “fresh” and “natural,” highlighting the smooth approachability of this seasonal beverage. When asked the “spirit animal” of the beer, we both opted for birds. Kevin chose a blue jay while I picked a canary. Lastly, Kevin decided he would order Spring Hop for his brother and I chose my Dad. We both really enjoyed the beer for its tasty character and agreed it was a good choice.


Craft Beer Cellar Fenway

I was recommended the Spring Hop Ale while visiting the newly opened Fenway Craft Beer Cellar. The staff at CBC Fenway hosted three tastings, spread throughout the afternoon, from Jack’s Abby Brewery, Wachusett Brewing Co. and Castle Island Brewing Co. I came away with a nice selection and look forward to frequenting the CBC in Fenway!


During the course of the episode, Kevin and I shared some struggles about the undergraduate life and balancing school work with the stressful search for internships. Kevin will be spending his summer in Manhattan while I continue to apply to and interview for several internships along the east coast. We also briefly chatted about this year’s edition of March Madness and the positives of being 21 years old in a city like Boston.

We also lingered over some developing news in the craft beer world of New Jersey, our home state. Yale Terrace Brewing is aiming to open a brewery in Cranford, NJ, my hometown. The guys at YT have started a Go Fund Me to try to raise money and aide them in their process. Kevin and I considered the impact of a craft brewery in the Union County area of New Jersey. We agreed that it could potentially help increase the young adult presence in a community that has been seeking to sustain that demographic. While I was a bit skeptical of the whole process, I certainly support this endeavor and would be thrilled to see a craft brewery open in Cranford.

Ultimately, Kevin and I returned to Spring Hop Ale and rated it an 8/10. We enjoyed the beer and had a nice time catching up!


Some upcoming craft beer events in Boston:

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