Ep. 45-& Bri & Lookout Hard Cider

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People and Pints.This week I was joined by my very good friend Bri. We caught up about our Spring Breaks and chatted about music for a little while. This will be a short blog post but listen below for our full episode which was filled with laughs and great drinks. In fact, we decided to have cider on this episode because Bri prefers cider over beer. But we really enjoyed it: Lookout Hard Cider, from Natick, MA. Bri talked about her experience on Appa, a service trip facilitated by Boston College, and her work with WZBC. We had a really fun time on this episode and hope you enjoy it!




Ep. 39-& Rosa & Uncle Bob’s Cider

img_4610Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! The recently graduated Rosa joins me for her fifth time on the show. She seems to be everyone’s favorite guest and of course a personal fan of mine. We revisit Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari and talk about our recent visit to Savannah and Rosa’s upcoming trip to Germany. We have a lot of fun and sample a homemade cider! Enjoy!

Rosa will be leaving the US to be a “visiting scientist” in Koblenz, Germany for a few months! It is a super exciting position and she tried explaining a little bit of the work she will be doing. I’m encouraging her to seek out the local beer and hope against hope that she comes back with a newfound appreciation for beer (and some beer for me).

img_4695On this episode, we decided to sample a cider made by my uncle! He very graciously gave me some cider as a Christmas gift and I decided to include it on this edition of People & Pints. It was a really interesting tasting and we enjoyed breaking it down in our own way. I got a lot of different notes in my tasting and rosa noted that it seemed to be more on the beer side than the cider side. Rosa described it as “Belgian” or “hoppy” while I chose “bouncing-ball.” We then deliberated the cider’s spirit animal. Rosa chose a beaver while I opted for a rabbit or a “hare.”  Lastly, we tried our hand at designing a potential label for Uncle Bob’s cider. Rosa ended up choosing a simple, fall-colored scheme for her label and I ended up naming it “Bobbing for Apples.”

We also took some time to talk about our trip to Savannah! We had a lovely time with some delicious food and beer. The locals were incredibly accommodating and nice. I ended up bringing some beer home, which has been a lot of fun for me. Some really great spots include The Grey, Green Truck Pub, and the Jinx.



We ended by recommending that everyone tries their hand at making their own cider. We enjoyed Uncle Bob’s cider and hope other people try it out for themselves!


Ep. 36-& Rosa & Artifact Cider Project Wild Thing

Hello everyone and welcome to a belated episode of People & Pints! I have had a very busy schedule the past few weeks but I hope to get back on track with the podcast. And I’m coming back with a great episode featuring everyone’s favorite co-star: Rosa! We sip on some cider and talk about the hit show Stranger Things and what we expect to see from the new season!

The cider we sample on this episode is from Artifact Cider Projects, a cidery that has been featured on the show before. We both enjoyed it, though Rosa suggested that she was expecting a slightly sweeter taste.

Listen in to hear our thoughts about this tasty, wild cider and what we’re expecting in the next season of Stranger Things. Spoilers for Season 1 of course!!


Ep. 32-& Rosa & Far From the Tree Ember Toasted Chai Cider

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints. For her third appearance on the podcast, I was joined by my wonderful girlfriend Rosa (see here and here). Rosa visited me at Boston College during parents’ weekend, so the campus, despite the cold rain, was very very busy. We tailgated on Saturday and had some time to explore the city otherwise. We enjoyed some delicious dumplings at Mei Mei and some ice cream at Hi B3ar. We had a blast and, as usual, I was glad to have her on the podcast, despite several interruptions and a way too dramatic reading of a beer can.



As we’ve stated several times, Rosa does not like beer. But, she does enjoy cider. We stopped by Craft Beer Cellar Fenway to search for some libations and decided to go with Far From the Tree Ember, a toasted chai cider. I really enjoyed Ember and I think it’s one of the better ciders I’ve had recently. On the podcast, Rosa used the word “hay” to describe the cider, while I chose “mug,” conjuring images of comfort and coziness. Next, I dubbed Ember as a “fox” while Rosa later decided its spirit animal is a squirrel. Rosa opted to pair Ember with a butternut squash soup topped with almonds while I went broader and suggested it would be a good drink for Thanksgiving dinner.


After our cider talk we chatted about our respective semesters and we also broke down the movie, The Little Prince, which we watched the night before. It is a beautiful, affecting animated movie that expands on the original French story. Rosa also described her preparations for a marathon in October. I also mentioned that I will be seeing a concert for The Head and the Heart. We also talked about the Vagina Monologues and how that viewing affected us.


We had a lot of fun on this week’s episode and hope you enjoyed our shenanigans! Give it a listen and share with others!


Ep. 13-& Rosa & Bantam Cider Wunderkind

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints & Podcasts! I’ve finished my semester at Boston College and have returned to New Jersey. I decided to record another episode with my girlfriend Rosa and continue the Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari series (For the other cider episodes click here and here). On this episode we enjoyed Wunderkind from Bantam Cider. We also took some time to chat about homebrewing and play an improv game.

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (13)After last week’s episode with Tom from Boston Homebrew Supply, I decided to try homebrewing with my roommate Adam. Adam has been homebrewing for awhile but it would be my first time. Adam drew up a recipe for a pale ale and we set aside some time to brew our beer. It was a messy but fun process and I’m hoping it’ll turn out well. Our beer is fermenting now but should be able to be bottled in a week and a half. We tried to name our beer so I dubbed it Rest in Pale Ale, because our dorm room is getting knocked down. Adam decided on C-Line Pale Ale because we got our ingredients at Boston Homebrew Supply, which is along the C-Line on the T.


I’m glad I got the experience in because Rosa bought me a homebrewing kit! She got me a kit with a Harvest Pumpkin Ale recipe from Box Brew Kits. I’m really excited to try it out and will let you know when I get into it!

FullSizeRender (12)

Bantam Cider is a cider house from Somerville, MA and we tried their Wunderkind style, a bright and crisp traditional cider. Rosa and I both really enjoyed it and had some fun “reviewing” it. Rosa described Wunderkind as “sophisticated” while I said “dry.” Then, we decided on the ideal drinking location. Rosa said while watching a documentary and I said a cocktail party. Finally, Rosa would pair Wunderkind with some appetizers, while I said it could go well with a salad.

To wrap it up we played a couple rounds of “What Am I Thinking?” an improv game that I took from one of my favorite podcasts, Comedy Bang! Bang! The point is for the two participants to think of a word and then say it out loud, working to meet in the middle. If you’re confused, just listen.

We returned to Bantam Cider for a rating, Rosa gave it an 8.75, while I gave it an 8.5. We both really enjoyed it and will probably return to it!


We hope you enjoyed this episode!


Ep. 11-& Caz & Artifact Cider Project Roxbury

Hey everyone and welcome to another week of People & Pints & Podcasts! My roommate and wonderful friend Caz joined me for another episode of the podcast (first one found here). I spent my weekend visiting Rosa down in DC, so I decided to record an episode before leaving. Caz claimed I was using him as a back-up, he may have been right…But in all honesty we had a great chat and really enjoyed our drink: Roxbury cider from Artifact Cider Projects.

Caz and I recorded the podcast very late on Wednesday, April 27, so we were very sleepy. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to try the highly recommended Roxbury cider and glad to share it with Caz. I had picked up the cider from Craft Beer Cellar Fenway (as usual), while at a tasting for Bent Water Brewing Co. I spent a good amount of time chatting with Ryan, Bent Water’s sales rep, about the history and plans for Bent Water. He highly recommended that I make the trek out to Lynn so I might have to. I also let him know that we had recorded an episode sampling Pearl from Bent Water and he seemed interested. It was certainly a good outing and I really enjoyed the conversation.

On the day of recording I decided to go visit Tom, the owner of Boston Homebrew Supply, to chat about craft beer in Boston and to learn about the process of homebrewing. I’m hoping to make my first foray into homebrewing with one of my roommates soon, so getting a peak at all of the ingredients and recipes available was very useful. Tom was very helpful and gave some great tips. We also spent some time talking about the potential craft beer bubble in Massachusetts. It was a great trip and we are hoping to schedule some time to record a podcast episode together.

FullSizeRender (7)

Caz and I really enjoyed Roxbury cider and had some fun with the review process. We dubbed this the second installment of Sippin’ Cider with Cuppari (named after the aforementioned Rosa). Initially, Caz described it as “pumpernickel” (a strange one), though he changed it to the more appropriate “crisp.” I suggested that it was a “refreshing” drink. Then, we both agreed that we would order Roxbury for Rosa or “anyone who isn’t a big craft beer fan.” Roxbury definitely has the character and flavor of a craft beer but might be a little more approachable. Lastly, we thought that we could both go through somewhere between 3-5 glasses of Roxbury.

After the cider talk, Caz and I took the opportunity to reflect on the semester. This episode came at the opposite end of our last episode which was a nice point to consider the change in between. We talked about growing more comfortable with life back at Boston College after studying abroad in Europe. I also said how much I enjoyed spending quality time with a small group of good friends, like Caz. We also looked forward to our fall semester, when we will have a great space for grilling and lounging outside. I teased that I might be able to brew some beer for us, so we’ll have to see how my first batch goes!

Finally, we returned to Roxbury for a rating. Caz gave it a 9.17/10 while I rounded down to a 9. We both agreed it was delicious and highly recommend it to anyone interested in cider. It certainly does not have any of the puckering sweetness sometimes found in cider and was perfectly crisp and refreshing. I’m sure Caz will be joining me again soon so if you enjoyed the episode, please let us know! Also, to get all of the episodes in one place, subscribe to the show on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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