Ep. 44-& Chris & Idle Hands Craft Ales

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of People & Pints. I finally made the trek out to Malden, MA to visit a brewery that I am very fond of: Idle Hands. As I tried to make clear on the podcast, I’ve enjoyed Idle Hands for quite some time and tried to stay updated on their progress before and during the move from Everett to Malden. Despite an expensive uber (I only late learned there is a T stop nearby) and a dark, cool evening, I felt warm and welcome in the Malden taproom. I spoke with Chris about the growth of Idle Hands and what he tries to impart in his beers. It was a really nice, revelatory chat and we hope you get the chance to fill your idle hands with some delicious beer.

Chris helped shed some light on the origin stories of Idle Hands, saying that his relationship with breweries like Night Shift and others has been “collegial.” A lot of his inspiration and the impetus for Idle Hands, aside from Chris’ homebrewing experience, began with a visit to Maine Beer Co.

On the podcast, we had Idle Hands Brunhilda, a Munich-Style Dark Lager, in steins. It was dark and delicious, a little less full-bodied than I was expecting but certainly a good beer. Chris informed me that it was their first lager and it had the importance and mystique of nostalgia.

We talked for a long time about the way they brew their beer and what Chris likes to focus on. They do some really interesting stuff with yeast but have also added some great IPAs to their lineup.

This was a really fun conversation and I would highly recommend making the trek out to Idle Hands for a visit. Also, the big news that was announced was that Idle Hands will be canning their beers. Thanks everyone for listening and check back soon.



Ep. 41-& Caz & Connor & Idle Hands Thing 1 Farmhouse Ale

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! Friend of the show Caz joins the podcast for his 4th time and our friend Connor comes on for his 1st appearance. We chat about delicious beer, wombats, and business, man. Connor is also a big fan of the craft beer scene in Boston and has shown love for Night Shift, one of my favorite breweries. Listen in for lots of laughs and some tasty, tasty beer.

Connor and I chatted a bit about the growing scene around Boston and he compared it with his local scene in Colorado. We considered some of the cultural and financial reasons for other folks our age to try or not try craft beer.


We then dove into a mixed culture Farmhouse Ale, Thing 1, from Idle Hands. Idle Hands is a fantastic brewery and can sometimes get lost in the shuffle in Boston shifting beer scene. The three of us definitely enjoyed this take on a farmhouse ale and the flavors coming through were really nice. We attempted to describe the beer in a word: Connor chose “fruity-funky,” Caz chose “Lake George,” and I chose “breezy.” I then asked what genre of music Thing 1 would be. Caz opted for Country/Rock and maybe pinpointing it as The Eagles, Connor and I agreed it would be a Funk/Pop outfit with Connor specifying Capital Cities. Lastly, we tried to determine this beer’s spirit animal. Caz picked a wombat, Connor thought it would be some sort of bird–maybe a hummingbird or “random birds”–, and I chose a mongoose, for no particular reason.

We finished with the beer for a bit and checked in with how we were feeling with the new year as second-semester seniors. We’ve all been trying to settle in and take advantage of our last little bit of time at Boston College.

Ultimately we all enjoyed the beer a lot and I’m glad we had the opportunity to share it and chat for a bit! Highly recommend seeking out Idle Hands for yourself.


Ep. 4-& Lindsey & Idle Hands Croupier Saison

For the fourth edition of People & Pints & Podcasts I was lucky enough to be joined by the always lovely, always bubbly Lindsey Chou. Lindsey and I have been friends for a year or so and our friendship consists of obscure references, weird jokes and lots of laughs. Lindsey also happens to date my roommate, and former guest of the show, Caz. Maybe one day I’ll have an episode with both of them, but for this recording I just chatted with Lindsey.

I tend to tease Lindsey about the “patriarchy,” which is why I included it in her introduction, but we have spent time discussing gender issues before. When not talking about gender issues, we fill our conversations with references to New Girl, Star Wars and YouTube videos. In the podcast we mention a strange Veggie Tales song and a Bad Lip Reading video. Clearly we have a weird friendship…

IMG_3997 (2)

But a strong one! And I was happy Lindsey was willing to chat about craft beer for a little bit. We shared a bottle of Croupier from Idle Hands Brewing, which will be moving to Malden, MA. The Croupier is a Honey Saison “brewed w/ lemon zest,” and the citrus, spring flavors were very noticeable and very delicious. I described the beer as “rustic” at one point, a reference to the history of Saisons or “Farmhouse Ales.” Also, Lindsey found that the “spirit person” of Croupier was Sandra Bullock: strong, self-assured and “pretty.” Strangely enough, I thought of the character Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, don’t question it. I was thrilled that Lindsey dubbed Croupier as “her new favorite beer” and I too plan to return to this delicious product of Idle Hands Brewing.

I then asked Lindsey to elaborate on her time studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Lindsey shared her experiences on the thin roads of Andalucía, dancing with her host-mother and adapting to life back in Boston.


We shared plenty of silly laughs facilitated by a delicious beer and we hope you enjoyed the episode! Please subscribe to and review the show on iTunes. As always, questions, comments and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for listening!