Ep. 43-& Bryan & Mystic Brewery Co.

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints. I know it has been a long time coming; I ran into a couple weeks of being very busy and being very sick, respectively. Now, I think I will be able to get back on track! I spoke with Bryan Greenhagen of Mystic Brewery this past weekend out in Chelsea about his start in managing and building out a brewery and how the past five and a half years have gone for the Mystic family. Some of my favorite beers are brewed by Mystic (if you’ve listened to the show, you know I love Saisons)¬†and we had a very interesting Mystic beer on a previous episode. I’ll give a little disclaimer that honestly we could’ve talked about a million other things, and the bittersweet reality of this episode was that we spoke for a long time before recording. So, some things were rehashed, some things we never got to, but overall we had a great time and hope you enjoy it!


One important distinction Bryan made when discussing the impetus for Mystic was the desire not just to bring quality beer to the States, but also the European beer culture. Mystic began as a production facility and started with mostly Saisons, but the brewery grew and expanded its taproom and began to offer a more diverse selection of styles.

For the episode, we drank Bad Poetry, a Grisette, which was brewed in collaboration with Will Shelton. It was super delicious, like any of the other Mystic beers. Bryan is very proud of his commitment to using only house yeast strains, which means they don’t buy any of it; it’s cultured by the staff. Yeast isn’t always sung as an important aspect of beer but brewers like Bryan have demonstrated the importance of highlighting quality yeast.


Mystic Saison Renaud

img_4810Bryan also shared some of the ways the brewery has become a community and how he’s found success in his Chelsea taproom. Part of that is built on the success of Ciao Pizza, which has teamed up with Mystic to offer its pizza for taproom guests. However, Bryan qualified that the mission “wasn’t to have lines out the door.” He didn’t and doesn’t want the marketing plan to be about having folk line up for hours to get a beer. So, they’re plenty happy trying to foster a “casual beer culture” in Chelsea.


We hope you enjoyed our conversation and please check back next week for another episode!


Ep. 40-& Kayla & Mystic La Soledad Biere de Garde

Hi everyone and welcome to the 40th (!) episode of People & Pints! I’m joined by my very good friend Kayla McLaughlin. Unfortunately, Kayla was feeling under the weather and could not join me with a beer (or rather a cider because Kayla is gluten intolerant). So, hopefully Kayla can come back for a true episode and you enjoy this less beer-focused one. We talked about the Women’s March, a little bit about beer, and the Kairos retreat. I also drink a Biere de Garde from Mystic, a fantastic brewery in the area.

We opened up the podcast breaking down, very briefly, the issues of ending a series properly. Kayla had gone through a few t.v. series over break so we caught up on How I Met Your Mother and Friends.


We also talked about the importance of the international moment that was the Women’s March. I managed to attend and it was a beautiful event. I got the chance to hear from Marty Walsh, Elizabeth Warren, and others from the area.

For this episode I had La Soledad, a Biere de Garde¬†brewed with coffee beans from George Howell. It had a strange combination of flavors, including the sweetness of pear and apples. It was a rather light body and also had some notes of spices and herbs. Not all of the flavors, especially the coffee, blended perfectly well, though. It certainly isn’t my favorite beer from Mystic but it was a very interesting experiment and I’m glad I tried it.


We spent some time chatting about Kairos, a retreat offered at most, if not all, Jesuit schools. I went on the retreat in high school and recently led the retreat here at Boston College. Kayla has been involved in the planning process and really enjoys the opportunity for students to escape from the chaos of normal, college life.

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