Ep. 42-& Maddie & Ambrey & Cambridge Brewing Remain in Light Hoppy Pilsner

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of People & Pints! I got the chance to share a beer with two wonderful people and some of my oldest friends from Boston College. Friends of the blog, though newcomers to the podcast, Maddie Webster and Ambrey Rice. I met Maddie and Ambrey through The Gavel, where we started as Editorial Assistants. Maddie and Ambrey don’t consider themselves “beer people” but they took the plunge and sampled a delicious beer with me as we goofed around for half an hour. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear a great little blooper–spoiler alert I almost fell out of my barstool. I also noticed that there were some strange audio glitches so I apologize in advance for that. Enjoy!


Maddie, Ambrey, and I have had various positions at The Gavel and first met as freshman. Our time there made a big impact on our Boston College experiences. I definitely grew as a writer because of my work there and it’s certainly the same for Maddie and Ambrey.

damara_dik-dikFor the episode, we sampled Remain in Light, a hoppy pilsner, from Cambridge Brewing Co. We all really enjoyed it and it was a bright, refreshing, drinkable beer. To start off our review, we all tried to find one word to describe it. Ambrey chose “Sunshine-y,” Maddie said “mystifying,” and I opted for “thirsty.” Next, we decided on its spirit animal. Ambrey offered, “otter,” Maddie, “dik-dik,” and I said, “salmon.” Finally, Ambrey suggested the ideal location to drink the beer was at a “backyard BBQ,” Maddie said “on a dock,” and I offered at any live sporting event.


We then got into our study abroad experiences and chatted about some of the wonderful things and some of the challenges. We also recapped Maddie and Ambrey’s trip to Amsterdam to visit me, which was a lot of fun.

Also, just to clarify, “adjunct” refers to unmalted grain, something I left out. It being unmalted indeed ends up making it cheaper which is my the macrobrews tend to use adjuncts. Though, as I tried to make clear, many talented brewers can do interesting things with adjuncts.

We all really enjoyed the beers and had a great time chatting! We hope you had a good time listening and I definitely recommend checking out any and all of Cambridge Brewing Co.’s beer.



Ep. 8- & Mary & Jack’s Abby House Lager

Hey all! Welcome to another week of People & Pints & Podcasts! For my eighth episode I was joined by my birthday buddy, Mary Yuengert, a Senior from Boston College. I’ve gotten to know Mary through The Gavel, where we were both writers and editors. Mary has become something of a mentor during my time at Boston College, so I’m always happy to chat with her! But, I invited her on the show to talk about her beautiful personal essay for the Authentic Eagles series on The Gavel. We also talked about Mary’s senior year of university, the Jesuit Volunteer Core and self-love! Mary and I enjoyed cans of Jack’s Abby House Lager as we chatted on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

I had mentioned half-jokingly to Mary a few weeks ago that she should come onto the podcast and I don’t know if she thought I was being serious. I was! So, I convinced her to give up a little bit of time on her Sunday and join me as we chatted and enjoyed a delicious beer. Mary called the House Lager “smooth” and aptly “golden,” while I said it was “simple,” but in a good, uncomplicated way. We then agreed that we could happily enjoy about three or four in a row without comprising the flavor. Finally, Mary suggested that House Lager should be enjoyed with a burger and fries, “a high quality burger for a high quality brew.” Then, we agreed that the perfect setting would be a night in with some friends watching a movie.

FullSizeRender (1)

Jack’s Abby House Lager

After our “beer talk” we shifted to a more serious topic and discussed Mary’s Authentic Eagles piece, “On Self-Compassion”. Mary described the process as being challenging but ultimately cathartic. She also touched on her anxiety of having to “live in the vulnerability.” On reading her piece, I had been blown away by her honesty, so I understand that she could feel self-conscious or worried about inviting people into her story. I was incredibly impressed by Mary’s strength and her willingness to discuss the process with me on the show. We talked about the challenges of self-love in college and the ways people can learn from Mary’s story.

Afterwards, Mary shared her many “heart-feelings” about Senior year, including her plans for the following year. She is in the middle of applying for a position with the JVC and hopes to finalize her placement soon. Right now, she has the options narrowed down to Los Angeles, California and Portland, Maine. We discussed how a year of service with the JVC works and some of the challenges that accompany it.

Ultimately we returned to Jack’s Abby House Lager for a “definitive” rating. Mary granted the beer a 10/10!! The first 100% on People & Pints & Podcasts! I was feeling a little stingy and gave the beer an 8/10, still a good rating. Subscribe to the show on iTunes and share it with others!


If you haven’t read it, check out my post on upcoming brewery Bone Up Brewing Co. (future guests on the podcast)